Copa Airlines Reservations Phone Number +1 (860) 746-8450

How to book flight with Copa Airlines?

Copa Airlines, an airlines based in Panama started its service in 1947 with just 3 domestic flights
and now has reached to a new level with a fleet of 100+ flights to more than 65 destinations in 30
countries worldwide. It mainly covers the region of United States, Colombia, Chile, Brazil and
Peru. Copa Airlines is the flag carrier and one of the major airlines of Panama and offers great
services and facilities to the passengers flying with them. With their operational flights, the
passengers can reach nearly 81 destinations. The airline is a renowned name in the aviation
industry and offers world class facilities to its travelers. Booking a flight ticket or getting Copa
Airlines Reservations
is quite an easy process and takes few minutes to get a seat. If you want to
be a part of the passenger on board then you need to book your seat before it gets full. To book a
flight, user needs to call on Copa Airlines Reservations Phone Number for direct booking. If a
passenger wants to avail the services and facilities offered by the airline, Copa Airlines flight can
be booked. The flight ticket in Copa airlines can be booked either offline or online. To book a
ticket offline, the passenger has to visit the ticket counter at the airport or travel agency.

Copa Airlines Phone Number

The Airline also offers special plans for its frequent flyers. The passengers can participate in the
'Hub of the Americas' program, in which the airlines cuts the connection time for connecting
flights, baggage check through final destination, and other facilities for the more details you can
contact on Copa Airlines Phone Number.
Copa Airlines has business class as well as economic class for passengers to travel. The airlines
hub is located at Tocumen International Airport (PTY) in Panama City.

Copa Airlines Reservations Phone Number

Apart from the "Hub of Americas" program, the airline has started OnePass program for the
frequent flyers. Passengers can sign-up for the program and get bonus reward points that can be
used to book flight ticket or Copa Airlines reservations. OnePass membership is free for the
frequent flyers and is categorized in three levels: silver, gold and platinum.
Reward Program
The reward program by Copa Airlines "ConnectMiles" is the most beneficial program for the
frequent flyers. You get reward points each time you fly with Copa on Copa Airlines Reservations
and the reward points can be redeemed on booking flight with Copa or its partner Airlines.
Additionally, users can get reward points on transactions at banks and hotels too that can be
redeemed for flight or hotel booking for any other query related to Reward point contact on the
Copa Airlines Phone Number.
Copa Airlines check-in and baggage policy
Copa Airlines has flexible baggage policy that allows upto 20 kg for domestic flights in economic
class whereas 32 kg in business class. Additionally baggage of maximum 5kg is allowed as carryon baggage. Passengers can get more details about check-in and baggage policy through the Copa
Airlines Phone Number.

Copa Airlines Pet Policy

Copa Airlines treat your pet as a carry-on luggage and charges accordingly. The pet is kept in a
cage near to you under your seat. In case you need something for your hungry pet then the flight
attendants can arrange peanuts or other relevant food for your pet. As well as if you need any
other information about Pet Policy then contact on Copa Airlines Phone Number and for booking
purpose dial Copa Airlines Reservations Phone Number.
Copa Airlines Cancellation Policy
Copa Airlines offers a hassle-free procedure to cancel a booked flight along with a favorable
cancellation policy. If you are one among the passengers who need to cancel a flight with Copa
Airlines then no worries, read along to get the information to accomplish the task smoothly.

Copa Airlines Reservations Phone Number 1(888)959-2011

On the cancellation of Copa Reservations, the ticket fare may or may not be refundable,
depending on the fare rules applied to the ticket. The fare rules of Copa Airlines provides an
indication of whether or not a ticket is refundable and on the basis of which any amount is
deducted after the cancellation of a flight.
Know about the Copa Airlines Cancellation Policy:
On the cancellation of a flight ticket with Copa Airlines, it provides a full refund of the ticket
fare, if the booking was made at least seven days or more prior to the date of travel and is
applied with the condition that the cancellation is done within 24 hours of the purchase.
In case of canceling a refundable ticket, the penalty fee on the basis of specified fare rules is
deducted from the amount refunded.
Copa Airlines provides a refund on the cancellation of unused tickets only and if the ticket is
booked using any reward then the corresponding fare rule will be applied for the refund.
After the cancellation of a flight, passengers can request the eligible refund and in case of
requesting a refund within 24 hours of the cancellation, it will take about 3-7 working days for
the fare to be refunded in case the balance is paid by credit card.
In case the amount was paid using the cash then it may take about 20 days or more to be
refunded after the request has been made.
Refund is provided by Copa Airlines in case of an unexpired ticket only and no refund can be
requested after the expiration date of the ticket.
If you are seeking additional information about the Copa Reservations, do not hesitate to contact
the Copa Airlines. You can also grab information about the various policies over the phone by
dialing the Copa airlines reservations phone number.

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