Fish lovers will surely love the mouthwatering Pancetta Salmon Kebabs and the Japanese salmon Shioyaki. Hearing their names alone will make you hungry and eager to try them out. Well, salmon recipes are not only delicious and nutritious but also easy to prepare. Read further to know more about cooking salmon recipes.

The Panetta Salmon Kebabs which is a unique kebab wrapped in Pancetta and dipped in parsley vinaigrette is originally created by Chef Christine Keff. The recipe contains crunchy skin salmon with a unique tasting crust. Well, if you want to learn about how to prepare delightful salmon recipes, then here are some tips for you.

Keep in mind that in order to come up with a great-tasting salmon recipe, you have to buy fresh salmon and other ingredients that are fresh. If you are somewhat busy but still have time to go out, you can check out salmon being sold in the market. Make sure you buy from outlets that are credible and highly recommended by a friend or relative.

You will know if the fish is fresh if the eyes are still bright and not red. The gills of fresh fishes are also pink in color and do not have a foul smell and slimy texture. You must learn the different ways to find fresh fishes by asking other people or getting information online.

For those who are not busy and got time for a fun activity, you can try fishing for salmon. You can go out with your family on a fishing trip. You can try fishing in Washington and follow the technique of other fishers which they call “calendar technique”. The best months to fish in Washington are August and September since a lot of salmon fishes can be found on rivers and marine areas during those periods.

Big dog pink salmon fishes are abundant in Skagit River in the months of August and September while ordinary pink salmon are abundant in Stillaguamish and Skykomish rivers. By catching fresh fish, you can surely enjoy succeed in preparing the best salmon recipes and other fish recipes.

By buying fresh fishes or catching them on your own, you can now cook delightful salmon recipes for the whole family and even for your friends. Salmon recipes are definitely healthy because it is full of nutrients that our body needs to stay fit and strong.

Cooking salmon recipes will be easy as long as you follow the above-mentioned tips. You don't have to be a master chef to prepare these salmon recipes. All you need to do is buy fresh fish and follow the instructions on the salmon recipe you want to prepare. You can even experiment on your own and add ingredients you want for your salmon. You can base it on your taste and that of your family. Enjoy cooking!

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