Competition on the web has increased, but it isn’t the only reason for hiring a digital marketing agency California. For marketing, you need a pool of talent, and it is only an advertising agency that can give the talent you need to market your business.

For example, if your target audiences are business executives then you should put more focus on LinkedIn. But if the targeted customers are youngsters then Snapchat and Instagram marketing will work for your business. Facebook with over 2.27 billion users is the only platform suitable for every need including business and personal.

When new platforms are popping up every day; when there is a platform for specific needs and users, you shouldn’t take chances as compromising on marketing could cost your dearly in terms of website traffic, leads and sales. It is better to hire a digital marketing company California that is capable of optimizing your business for every platform.

So, what exactly an ad agency does

Simply put, it takes the responsibility of driving targeted traffic to a given site. It works with a detailed plan that shows how the web traffic would grow. Also, it sets landmarks to achieve so that you can monitor progress.

Here’re the role and responsibilities of an ad agency

Market research

Before you start your marketing activity, it is necessary that you understand who your target audiences are; what their preferences are; which medium is better suited to target your audiences and who your competitors are. It is only after a detailed market research that you will be able plan campaigns. And it is where you need a California Internet marketing company.


Search engine optimization is more than about coming on the first page and in the top 10 results. It is about increasing visibility and getting organic results in the long run. And there are many ways to optimize a site for high search ranking. To apply all those tactics, you will need a dedicated team to work on your site. It is where having an ad agency to your side would be an added advantage.

Social media

Facebook has become a search engine because and so are Instagram and LinkedIn and other media channels. But you need a dedicated marketing strategy to target each social media platform. And none other than a seasoned California digital marketing agency can make effective strategies for social media channels.

Paid marketing

Google Ads and Facebook advertising are the two biggest ways of generating quality traffic to your site but it could be expensive to do paid marketing without sufficient knowledge, time, budget and tools. An ad agency can dedicate one of its managers to manage your paid marketing accounts. Also, it will take responsibility of giving high return on your investment.

Other ways

In addition to SEO, SMO and paid marketing, you can start email marketing, video advertising and mobile marketing depending on your needs. And it is only a digital marketing agency California that is better equipped to make strategies that can accommodate your needs.

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