Social media platform has now become a great source of information. Folks have started preferring social media as a smart solution to gather all the data at one place, rather than searching one or more portals.

Rather than creating a comprehensive list of which news portals to follow and procuring information about favorite brands, folks prioritize social media channels as a strong contender among every portal. All the traditional means of communication like television, print and billboards have become outdated against the big social media.

The social media platforms like Twitter drive engagement via re-tweets, hashtags and Instagram boost a lot of engagement. The brands which utilize captivating content and well- captioned pictures drive a lot of traffic from targeted audience.

Facebook ads have become the biggest source for every brand to exhibit its store. Its strength lies mainly in its ads which can help brands increase the unparalleled reach of 184 Million consumers every month.

It gives the best-in-class features of adding curating stories, experimenting with videos, content, motion pictures for every brand. In addition to this, Facebook’s creative ad formats like carousels and others help brands to make an impact story.

With Facebook’s ad formats, you can easily generate awareness about your business location among customers which can definitely help brands drive-in- store sales. You can easily include images and videos for your brand identification.

Understanding your audience is the first priority
Facebook helps the brand reach the right set of target audience covering demographic interest & behavior segments.

A store locator can put contact information, opening hours or stores timing so that the customers can easily browse. It’s obvious that the awareness impact translates to increase in sales for physical stores.

The social media platform of Facebook has the capacity to successfully encourage the customers to visit the nearby store of the favorite brands they want. This has been proven that this awareness impacts a great lift in sales from actual physical stores.

The brands have always been able to reach out to their target audience. Facebook has been extensively used by different business to help build a bridge to fill the offline gap.

Call- to-action Campaigns
The brands always choose to showcase their brands with stunning advertisements to catch the folks’ attention. These efforts of local brands like including a “Shop Now” call-to-action button have increased people go to offline stores.

How many of you buy branded products by seeing discount vouchers on social media?
There will be many heads nodding, as we all approach an offline store or even buy a product from an e-commerce store due to discount offers.

Therefore, the bottom line is if you want to stay ahead of these competitive and innovative marketing technologies, you need to utilize the social media platform. Even the brick, mortar and cement brands have also opted these modern technologies to increase their sales. The availability of a number of tools in Facebook has always made it a good option for brands to rework their advertising campaigns and garner more millennial interest for their products.

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