Some say "Seeing is believing". The question is, does the accuracy of attentiveness influence perception? In this Conversation with V! you'll receive 8 vision enhancers to sharpen your awareness for greater life abundance.

Do You See What I See...

Have you ever wanted to have a full blown pity party? You know…in those moments when no matter how hard you try, things are just not going your way. In the times when it seems like you are channeling “Badluck Schleprock” (a character from one of the Flintstone cartoon series), a pity party may seem quite apropos.

Imagine that as you begin to prepare all that’s needed for your celebration of haplessness including inviting the company that misery lovingly attracts, your pitiful plans began to falter as well. As you try to ruminate about all the misfortune that you’ve experienced, you are interrupted by countering thoughts. While you’re diligently trying to encapsulate yourself in an ambiance of hopelessness – and an uninvited guest has crashed your party. A sense of strength has crept in and the atmosphere immediately shifts. Your perspective has changed and the party is canceled!

Yesterday, I heard an absolutely amazing Message by Bishop Eddie Long, New Birth, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. This life-changing teaching centered on not permitting a “Bad Moment” to become a “Bad Life”. In encouraging us to maximize moments of challenge by adhering to strategically positive responses, he shared a video about “Inattentional Blindness”.

In the video there were two teams passing balls. The task was to count the number of times the team in white passed the ball. After sharing the correct number of times the ball was passed the announcer asked, “But did you see the bear doing the moonwalk in the middle of the circle.” When the scene was replayed, while the teams were passing the ball around, a black bear actually came into the circle and danced. It was prolific! Suffice it to say that the sky literally opened up for me.

I am a student of cognitive psychology but I have never thought about the spiritual applications of perception psycho-dynamics. Now that I can see more accurately, the phenomenon of Inattentional Blindness clearly has implications and influence on faith, focus and fortitude.

Faith grows with positive sensory stimulation. Encouraging words and experiences generates a stronger internal constitution. Focus is sharpened when distractions are diminished. Fortitude emerges by living a virtuous life filled with honor, justice, service and praise.

Sufficiency, survival, serenity and success are enhanced when we protect the things we most value. Your acuteness of vision will be enhanced by better protecting your thoughts, dreams and goals. Be mindful of what you permit to get your attention. No matter how bleak things may seem, get in a better light so that you can see beyond the eclipsing shadows. Seeing from a vantage point of strength will cause your hope and confidence to soar.

Indeed, there is “more than what meets the eye”. Seek after and surrender to Divine insight. A Heavenly view reveals a beauty-filled panoramic picture of your life and destiny. You are a Master piece! Abundance surrounds and fills you. No matter what kind of moment you may be experiencing, there is something dancing in your midst. See the wonder. Share the joy.

Consider these eight vision enhancers:
1. Unclutter your life. Perspective can change by putting things in their proper place. Prioritize. Clarify what and who is most important.

2. Be clear, certain and committed to achieving your goals. Confidence increases with conviction.

3. Properly interpret obstacles and opposition. Understand that adversarial things and people actually validate and confirm your greatness. The wealth of your presence in the earth can never be ignored, defeated or destroyed.

4. Make adjustments as needed. Distraction, discouragement and deception are your greatest enemies.

5. Refuse to agree or align with anything that violates your true worth and value.

6. Diligently guard your thoughts. Acknowledge your divinity. Resist negativity and you will attract that which builds and beautifies your spirit.

7. Own the now! Learn to live in the moment. Connect to the power of being present. Do not be so distracted by wanting to get out of a situation that you fail to focus on (see) the benefits you can get out of the experience.

8. Open your eyes and your mind will follow. Envision your growth. Expand your expectations – your attentiveness to the greater picture will generate more abundance in your life.

At times your journey will be rough and dark. The arduousness of certain points on your path does not alter the reality of all exists within you. Awareness produces assurance. Know that there is much more working for you than you could ever imagine. Reservoirs of potential and possibilities are available to you. Strength can be drawn at any time. Joy, peace and love are decisions. So is your well-being. Choose wisely. See accurately!

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Val McLeod is an award-winning international certified trainer, speaker, facilitator and freelance writer. A master communicator, Val uses her “Mantle of Motivation” to promote stronger internal confidence and interpersonal competence for greater success on every level.

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