Probably you have come across abusive women and men. By the way, I usually watch my favorite programs. Do you watch television regularly? Probably you do, but there happen to be some people who don't watch TV at all. They don't like watching television due to reasons best known by them.

As for myself, I'm hooked on various programs. Name a crime show and more likely than not, I'm a regular viewer. My particular tastes in TV programs have taught me one thing, how it feels to be in abusive relationship. In almost every abusive relationship show I watch, each case is a little different. However, there are certain common characteristics to these abusive relationships which you can spot.

It will be a good decision to take a step immediately once you notice some of the telltale signs of abuse. You absolutely have to do something because if you don't, who will? There are many people out there who are suffering because they're being abused by people who are supposed to protect and take care of them.

I happen to have a friend whose aunt is in a relationship with an abusive man. Her neighbors are aware but no one said anything even after seeing how the children suffered as a result of the domestic violence and abuse from their father. I decided to confront my friend about the situation since I wanted to know how he could stand such a situation without taking any step against this man. He told me that he had tried and even some relatives had intervened, but his aunt found it difficult to get out of the abusive relationship with the reason that she loves her husband. These were the final words from my friend, "She is an adult after all, and she flatly refuses to leave this man who keeps on abusing her."

It is a fact that at times we may try to help people who are in abusive relationship but if they're not cooperating, it becomes very difficult to save them and their children from suffering psychologically or physically due to domestic violence and abuse.

What often happens in abusive relationship is that the abuser will isolate the victim, making her feel powerless and completely reliant on him. The victim is kept apart from her family and friends. And even worse, the abuser will make the victim to feel as if the abuse is her fault. The abuser wants to have total control and creates fear in the victim. Abusive men and women will do things that are disrespectful such as using a language that is vulgar with the intentions of hurting the feelings of their partners. The abuser is likely also to pick fights and even intimidate the victim.

In most cases of domestic violence and abuse it is the children who end up suffering, something of which they're very innocent. A child can't fight back against their abuser. It is for this reason that it is everyone's responsibility to watch out for the signs that a domestic violence and abuse is actually happening and take a step by either reporting to responsible authorities or take any other helpful step that will bring it to an end. If you really love children, you should do all you can to protect them from domestic violence and abuse.

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