Studies have shown that most normal humans only have the ability to access ten percent of our brain's functioning. That is to say, every conscious thought that comes into your awareness, every conscious endeavor you put your mind to, all of this encompasses only a relatively small portion of your entire consciousness.

It is not a "bad thing" that we cannot see most of our mind's thoughts. We were designed that way so we didn't drive ourselves crazy. If we were conscious of every bit of information our brain was processing at every moment, we would never be able to get anything done, let alone remember to do anything other than sit there and process information. The question remains: how do we bring to light our unconscious impulses that act as the backdoors to decision-making in most of us?

The simple answer is a resounding Yes. There are exercises to reveal to your conscious mind the unconscious urges that shape aspects of your personality and thinking. Before I go into this, let's go over some points on the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is acting on the energy you are transmitting. It simply matches and mirrors back more of what you're transmitting. This is why you see patterns of situations in your existence. If you believe that nothing good will ever happen to you and life is always hard for you, it will be. And they're largely running unconsciously.

Once you understand what your unconscious mind is doing, you can then begin sniffing out your negative thought patterns. Notice when you have a knee-jerk reaction to something. Due to the reflexive nature of these thoughts, it is especially important to work on recognizing these limiting patterns of thinking precisely because you have so little control of them. The most prominent reaction will come out of a strong reaction fueled by fear or anger.

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"Reflex mode," or when you simply let your mind run wild and respond in whatever way it wants to situations with whatever judgements you let it have, is a very low-energy level of functioning. You aren't creating the thought or situation, you are simply responding to a switch in your brain triggered by something in the world around you. Some people are so entrenched in their unconscious that they don't even have a reasonable monitor on their thoughts to determine whether they actually believe what their mind is saying. This is when you want to simply notice the pattern. Make it a standard practice to point your awareness lens on yourself and you'll be surprised what you'll find there.

If you can notice yourself slipping into reaction mode and stop to remind yourself of your power as a conscious creator of your reality you are consciously embracing positivity and power rather than unconscious lack. The more you embrace your personal responsibility as creator of your life the more you allow yourself to be in control of your thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Keep practicing releasing yourself from unconscious limiting patterns of belief and you'll find that your burdens are man-made.

Conscious choice requires your awareness to be on the very edge of Now. Maybe you've heard that all we have is now. Propel yourself into this moment by choosing to be here, now, and not in your fantasy world in your head where you aren't a complete, whole, powerful creator. Embrace you, who is God as all are God. The Law of Attraction will serve you to master your life when you do.

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Nanette Geiger is a Law of Attraction Coach and author of many books and articles focusing on Relationships, the Law of Attraction and Self-Mastery.

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