What are the flaws in any business communication system?

Suppose you have a limited number of extensions and your company, in the phase of its growth receives a large overhead of calls which the employees are not able to manage. In this chaos, you might miss out some business opportunity. Moreover, if a client wants technical support to deal with some problem arising with your product or service and if he has to hold the call for a long duration and is not able to reach you even after successive dials. In this situation, the client gets irritated and it creates a negative impact on the minds of the client and he might not want to continue with your services. If your voicemail is not active, you might miss out an important message in case of a missed call. All these things can hinder the growth of your organization.

What is Unified Communication?

Unified Communication is the integration of all the real time and non-real time communication modes i.e. it combines e-mail, fax, SMS, video conferencing, presence information, unified messaging, instant messaging, call control, speech recognition, etc. all in one package. It also provides media or device independence and allows anytime, anywhere access to your business communications.

How can Unified Communications help you deal with the flaws in your communication channel?

If you are running any business, you do realize the importance of business communication in the growth of your business firm. The better response and service you provide to your customers, the more you will succeed in growing your business since the satisfied clients will promote your business. Moreover, if the communication channel is good, then the chances of missing out any business opportunity are reduced. With unified communication, you can almost nullify the chances of missing out any business opportunity. Since you are provided with all modes of communication in one package, you can greatly reduce the chances of missing out any call since the call can be sent to voicemail and the client can be contacted later. Moreover, client can contact the company via any media and the client calls can be answered from anywhere, anytime and via any device or media.

What are the features of Unified Communication?

The features which enrich business communication channel are:

• Presence : It is a live status indicator i.e. shows whether you are online or offline.
• Instant Messaging: It is a text chat.
• Unified Mailbox: One mailbox for storing all sorts of messages (text, audio, video, etc.)
• One Number: Only one number is maintained for communication and calls can be directed to anywhere.
• Click-to-dial: This feature allows you to get connected to the company directly from the website.
• Maintenance of corporate phone books: You can maintain your contact details under different heads.
• Integrated Audio Conferencing: Provides an integrated environment for conferencing of multiple persons.

How can you further improve your business communication channel?

If you club Unified Communication with Hosted PBX, you can get all these features at a reduced cost and the system can also be scaled according to requirements. You can also eliminate the need to setup and maintain of the system and enjoy the seamless communication channel provided.

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Technology specialist at therealpbx.com ‘Adom Brown' is a specialist in Small Business PBX systems. The Real PBX is a pioneer in providing Hosted PBX that deliver business class voice quality, real time customer assistance, scalable office Business Phone system, Virtual PBX, IP PBX and more. Their enterprise class Hosted PBX Services include top notch features like Unified Communication.