With the continuous flow adapter, SPL-440 pressure sensor high viscosity can be used to understand the permeability of rocks in terms of fundamental fluid dynamics. Researchers can monitor the effectiveness of oil extraction in mixtures of different situations of reservoir fluids in the oil patch target. The liquid is directed by the collector coax adapter directly into and out of SPL-440 sensors to analyze the viscosity under flow conditions, and then in the base sample for analysis of permeability.

New flow-through viscometer measures viscosity oil tank in real time

Boston - The permeability of rock formations and underground fluid viscosity have a significant impact on the economy of an oil field. Oil flow characterized by the rock allows analysts to predict the productivity of an oil source, determine the best extraction techniques and the design of optimal flow additives to increase production.

As a reservoir of fluid flow through a tank and are removed, they mix with brine and other fluids. Additives injected into the reservoir may have a significant impact on the efficiency of oil extraction. Package Search of additives in optimal conditions of various laboratories of the leading oil began to study the permeability of rocks in streams with inhomogeneous reservoir fluids, and turned to Cambridge Viscosity for support.

With the guidance of industry, Cambridge Viscosity has developed an adapter so that the well-known high-pressure viscosity sensor flow conditions to better understand the recovery of the permeability of the core fluid dynamic conditions. In this way, researchers can monitor the effectiveness of certain oil drilling, more or less fluid mixtures tank is located in oil fields and potential targets to improve flow additive packages. This new power adapter includes continuous input / output manifold that attaches to the top of Cambridge, SPL-440 sensor. Fluid is directed through the coaxial manifold directly in and out of the SPL-440 sensor to analyze viscosity flow conditions, and thus the permeability of the core sample analysis.

"Cambridge viscometer new continuous high-speed pressure allows the industry to gather new insights into the effect of different additives to optimize the extraction of oil. This can have a significant impact on the oil economy, "says President Robert Cambridge Viscosity Kasameyer. "The adapter is available as an add-on unit, and does not measure the quality of the viscosity sensor itself."

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Cambridge Viscosity, the leader of the viscosity of the small sample systems, provides automated viscometers used by oil companies in exploration, refining and products as well as in the coating, chemical sciences and applications for life in the world optimize performance products and processes.

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