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Checkout the Windows 10 versions that is compatible with QuickBooks Desktop:

In the modern world of innovation and technology, computer software and applications are replacing the lethargic workload of our day-to-day life. We can perform most of the task without doing it manually such as accounting, inventory management, etc. But it is mandatory to know what makes particular software so famous among its users. Well, it is based on a few topics such as its compatibility with the different type of operating system. A couple of years ago, Microsoft released Windows 10, as its latest operating system on the date 29 July 2015. It is not necessary to update the current OS to Windows 10 as it’s an optional update.

In this blog post, we will let you know about the list of QuickBooks versions that are compatible with the Windows 10 along with some of the momentous information related to Windows 10.

support versions in quickbooks
For more details, make sure to go through the article till the end. Or you can also get in touch with our QuickBooks support team for expert assistance. You can simply make a call at our toll-free number i.e. 1-844-405-0907, and let our experts and certified QuickBooks professionals fix the error for you.

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How to check your Windows 10 version?
Windows 10 is not used by everyone on same version. Thus, in order to check the version, along with other specifications, the below listed steps can be carried out.

The very first step in the process is to click on the Start menu, and then type About your PC
After that the user is supposed to click on About your PC, followed by scrolling down to look for the version number
Versions of QuickBooks are Supported on Windows 10 - Screenshot
New updates included in Windows 10
The start menu in the latest version is same as in Windows 7
Windows 10 comprises of a virtual desktop, called the task switcher
Microsoft Windows 10 boasts the latest version of .Net framework (4.6)
Windows 10 comes with a new browser named EDGE
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Versions of Windows 10 which are supported with QuickBooks Desktop
After obtaining the version number, the user needs to look for the version that is certified to work with QuickBooks. Below we have mentioned the versions supported by QuickBooks Desktop.

Windows 10 version 1809:
QuickBooks Desktop 2020 is certified to work in a proper manner on version 1803 of Windows 10. However, QuickBooks desktop 2017-2019 are not completely certified.

Windows 10 version 1803:
Coming to this version of Windows, QuickBooks desktop 2017-2020 are entirely certified to work in the best possible way on this version of Windows operating system.

Windows 10 version 1709:

Similar to the earlier one, on this version of Windows also QuickBooks desktop 2017-2020 are certified to work without any hassle.

Windows 10 version 1507, 1511, 1607, and 1703:
For the ones who are using the Home or Pro versions of the mentioned Windows editions, then it is recommended to update them to the latest release of Windows 10. The reasons is that Microsoft has already discontinued support for the mentioned versions.

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Version of QuickBooks Desktop supported with Windows 10
QuickBooks 2016 R7 & later
It’s a news of joy that the entire QB users of QuickBooks 2016 R7 are authorized to work with the Windows 10. If the user is using a QuickBooks version earlier than R7, then in that case the user needs to update the QuickBooks to the latest released version, in order to work in efficient manner. However, for QuickBooks 2016 R7 or later user, updating is not mandatory and can swiftly work on the Windows 10.

QuickBooks 2014 and earlier
It should be noted that QuickBooks 2014 is not supported in Windows 10 and using this version might create compatibility issues or can end up in a complete mess. Thus, to further use QuickBooks, we request the user to upgrade the version of QuickBooks to 2014 or 2015.

QuickBooks 2015 & QuickBooks 2016 (R1 – R6)
It is possible that being a QuickBooks user, you will try to open the QuickBooks 2015 on the Windows 10. But to actually do that successfully, you need to ensure that you enabled the .NET Framework 3.5 which mostly comes as disabled by default from the Microsoft so that the OS user experience the best while using the operating system that doesn’t support the QuickBooks.

Windows 10 also supports QuickBooks 2015. Although you need to ensure that .NET 3.5 is enabled for QuickBooks 2015, for that you could use the steps mentioned below-

The very first step is to click on the “Start” button
And then, press “Windows + R” keys, in order to open “Run” Window
Once done with that, the user will have to type in “Control Panel” and hit “OK” button
After that select the “Turn Windows features ON or OFF” option, after clicking on the “Uninstall a Program” option
After clicking on the above one, the user will witness a dialogue box will appear saying “.NET Framework 3.5“, along with .NET Framework 4.5.
Repair or Reinstall Microsoft .NET Framework - Screenshot
The user needs to ensure that the option is activated. If this option is off then enabled
And to end the process, the user is recommended to “Reboot” the system
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QuickBooks Software Versions Comparisons
QuickBooks Desktop 2016 is the enhanced version of QuickBooks Desktop 2015. Below we have compared the features of QB 2016 with respect to QB 2015.

QuickBooks 2015

QuickBooks 2016

Bill Tracker is not supported in Pro, Premium and Enterprise version.
This version supports bill tracker.
It does not support bulk clear send forms, to remove multiple transactions.
This version includes bulk clear send forms, in reason to eliminate multiple transactions.
It does not help in advanced reporting features.
It comes with Advanced Reporting features.
Although it provides facility to update company file for new version option.
This version too provides facility to update company file for new version option.
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How to Enable the Microsoft .NET 3.5 for the QuickBooks 2015?
Windows 10 version sometimes may not have .NET Framework 3.5 enabled by default and the framework is essential for QuickBooks Desktop to functions properly with the latest series of operating system. You must enable (if not enabled already) the .NET Framework 3.5 for the smoothest experience possible on Windows 10. Here is how you can install it:

To begin with, the user is required to hit the “Start” or “Windows” button
After that, look for the option “Turn Windows features On or Off”
Turn Windows features On or Off - Screenshot
Once you find out the above option, press right-clicks on it
Moving ahead, the user will see a dialog box where you can see the option as “.NET Framework 3.5”
Enable the Microsoft .NET 3.5 - Screenshot
Also, make sure that the option is enabled. If you found it still disabled then, click the checkbox & enable it
Once this process is completed, reboot the computer
If you are encountering any issue with it, you can contact the consulting team to get the instant help.

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QuickBooks 2014 or earlier
For all the QuickBooks versions before QuickBooks 2014, the QuickBooks suppose to update the software to the latest released version. As all the QB versions before QuickBooks 2014 requires an update as it does not support the Windows 10.

That’s all from our behalf..! However, if you need more information about which version of QuickBooks supported in Windows 10 or have any questions related to your QuickBooks, you can contact our technical support team anytime.

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