Do you fear that wearing spectacles for corrective vision may tend to hamper you appearance? If so, you can ponder over the idea of contact lens. It is a simple lens that is placed in the eye to correct vision. If you compare it with a spectacle it has multiple advantages. Firstly as mentioned above there is no change in your overall appearance. Next there is no chance of any moisture in the form of snow, rain, or sweat settling down. In fact, if you are looking to correct keratoconus or aniseikonia these lenses will serve a better purpose than the normal spectacles.

These lenses are a growing product and the market share is increasing at a drastic pace. It is estimated by the year 2015 the market will reach $11.7 billion. Leonardo Da Vinci can be credited to having introduced this special lens as early as 1508. In his book “Codes of the Eye” he introduced this theory. As time went by more work has been done in this field to make these lenses comfortable for users. If you are a sports person these lenses are ideal for you. However, the eye is precious. Therefore, you must consult the doctor before opting for these lenses.

Once you have the prescription you can walk into any optical store to have these lenses prepared. Most of these optical stores have online presence. Therefore, if you feel you are busy you can even order contact lenses online. You will have to log into the website and fill up the prescription page. You will have to leave a contact number or an email address. Once it is done you will be alerted. This time you will have to arrive at the store in person and have them installed in the eye. Most of these optical stores will do a great job.

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