Day by day people are getting more cautious about health, and it is for good. Eating salt is very much necessary and more importantly, iodized salt is much preferred. But excessive salt consumption is extremely hazardous to health and can cause serious health problems like increase in the blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, etc. The cautiousness/ awareness among the people is recently forcing them to consume less salt or salt with less quantity of sodium. You must note that even consuming too less salt is bad for health. The human body is highly dependent on minerals to maintain quite many functions, including blood pressure, and transmission of nerve impulses and that is one of the main reasons why salt levels in the body must be maintained.

Conventionally it was believed that consumption of more salt increases the amount of thirst and ultimately balances the quantity of salt in the body by excreting the excess salt through urination. On the other hand, some Russian cosmonauts found out that eating more salt made people less thirsty but made them hungrier. The Journal of Clinical Investigation informed that salt also plays a major role in weight loss. It was found in a study that consumption of salt burns more fat.

Nutritionists say that every nutrient is required by the body in significant quantity. A recent study by Jama Internal Medicine claimed that Americans are consuming less salt than others. The interesting part is that the report also indicates that consuming less salt is not a choice made by the people of the United States of America, rather it is a change made by the food manufacturers in the country. The research stated that about 172,000 households in the USA had purchased packaged food and beverages during a considered period. It was found in the study that the amount of sodium in the products the people had brought had dropped to about 12 percent less than what it was earlier recorded. The experts commented that the quantity of salt consumption is still high.


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