There are certain times during the year when someone can buy more than they usually do, and while this can be a time when other people are in the same position, this is not always the case. For instance, if it was Christmas, there are going to be plenty of other people who are also buying a lot of things.

However, if this relates to a time where a friend or family member’s birthday was coming up, it is not going to be the same. This is not to say that there won’t be other people who are also buying things for a special occasion, but it won’t be something that affects as many people.

No Difference

If one was to go shopping and to watch the people who are buying things for a special occasion and to watch people who are not, they might not see much of a difference. In fact, they might say that the only reason they know the difference is because they were told there was a difference.

Having said that, what could give it away is the kind of things they buy, as if they were to buy a card it will be relatively clear. But if one didn’t see someone buy a card, they could think that they are simply buying things.

A Frenzy

Now if the same person was to go shopping and to watch people during the time before Christmas, for instance, they are likely to soon notice that there is a difference. On one hand, someone can buy a lot of things for other people, and on the other hand, they can also end up buying a lot of things for themselves.

During this time, someone may have chosen to buy so much because they truly want to, or it could be a sign that this is something that just happens. There is then no conscious thought involved; they just go out and buy things because this is what they always do.


If this is something that takes place because they have done it before, it could be said that it is something they believe in. yet this might not the case; what it could come down to is that they have been conditioned to behave in this way.

Therefore, as they get towards the end of the year, they could feel the urge to start buying things. If they were to ask themselves why they need to do this, they might not why; the only thing they will know is that they need to.

The Effect of Others

What is also going to have a big influence on them is what other people are doing, and while the people who have the biggest influence could be there friends and family; the people they don’t know can also have an effect on them. Out of their need to belong and to be accepted, they could feel the need to do what other people are doing.

When this happens, they are not necessarily buying things because they need them; they are buying things because other people are doing the same thing. Through buying things they don’t need, they are going to be spending money for the sake of it.

The Upside

However, while the retailers are likely to be aware of what is taking place, it doesn’t mean they are going to have a problem with it. It could be seen as just another way for them to make money and as a result of this, they may wish that this was something that took place more often.

‘Black Friday’ is another time in the year when they can end u being overrun with customers, and this is due to the discounts that are available. Once again, someone can see this as a time to get what they need at a cheaper price, or they could just buy things because they are cheaper and not because they need them.

The Product

When someone sees something in a shop or online, the only thing they could be thinking about is that they want to buy it. And when something is cheaper than it usually is, they could end up having a greater urge to own it.

During this time, they might not even think about where the materials that it is made with come from or who made it. The only thing on their mind could be the product itself and this could be seen as normal.

The Last Stage

When someone goes into a shop, the only things they are likely to see are brand new products; they are unlikely to find out about where the materials came from or who made it. As a result of this, it can be easy to assume that they just appear out of nowhere.

But although something looks new and shiny, for instance, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this is a true reflection of where it came from. If someone was to look a little deeper, they may find that what they are buying was made by a company that respects the environment and that their employees were also treated with respect.

The other Side

At the same time, this might not be the case, and someone may find that the people who made the product have very little regard for the environment. Along with this, the people who they employ to make the product could also be treated inhumanely and as though they are machines.

If this is the case, the experience someone has when they see the product is a far cry from the experience the people had who made it. And while the product could stand out; the environment where the resources were taken from (as well as where their old products will go) could have been left in a bad way.


When someone doesn’t think about were something comes from, it doesn’t mean they don’t care about the planet or the well-being of the people who live on it, what it can come down to is that they believe that the people who made the product are doing the right things. Through having this outlook, it can come as a complete surprise to find out that this isn’t always the case.

What his shows is how important it is for someone to put their own needs to one side from time to time and to look into where things come from. As more and more people look into what is happening and make a stand, the sooner things will begin to change.

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