Nowadays, so many people are experiencing severe and drastic financial difficulties. These problems have forced debtors to think about how they can settle their debt legally. However, remember that choosing the right consumer debt relief program is dependent upon your financial circumstances and your goals.

In case you aren’t too far deep with large debts and cannot even come close to making the minimum payments, you do not have to file for bankruptcy to avail these programs.

For self-interest reasons, the credit card companies would not like you to declare bankruptcy. In most cases, it’s in your best interest not to declare yourself bankrupt either. So what other options are there? Thanks to the credit card companies, there are options:

1. Debt consolidation
2. Debt management or credit card debt negotiation
3. Bankruptcy

To put it briefly, here are the advantages and negatives of combining your entire debt load into one payment via a loan:

1. You are transferring “bad debt” to “good debt”. Consumer credit cards are composed of compound interest. This implies that they charge you interest and additional interest that has accumulated during the month. Because of this, credit card debt takes an extremely long time to pay-off. On the other hand, interest on home equity and many personal loans is charged just once per month.

2. A debt consolidation loan is commonly paid-off in 5-10 years. Credit card debt is very similar to the energizer bunny; the debt keeps going and going….

3. When you combine your debt into a single payment, your FICO score increases. Remember, unsecured debt is bad debt. Whenever you eliminate bad debt, naturally your credit improves. On the other side, if you know that you are not disciplined, a debt consolidation loan would be a very risky move. Why? Since you suddenly will have loads of available credit, you will be like a kid in a candy store!

A credit card debt settlement company works on your behalf to cut the original quantity of debt that you owe by about 50%. It can be in the debt negotiation company’s best interest to obtain the best settlement possible, for they usually work on commission. When evaluating a company for settling your credit card debt, make sure it is completely FTC complaint. Remember, do some homework when you hire a credit card debt settlement company.

I really don’t need to elaborate about bankruptcy. Apply it as a last resort. File for chapter 7 if your situation is far out of control. In the event you qualify, you'll not be required to repay your debt. If you do not meet chapter 7 guidelines, I don’t recommend filing for chapter 13. The reason being is that in chapter 13 you still have to repay a portion, or most of the debt.

Essentially, there are advantages and disadvantages to each of the above strategies. You will have more insight in regards to the best debt relief program that is right for you if you perform a little bit of research. Good luck!

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