Workers on the construction site are always under the risk of site accidents. A construction site has heavy machinery, chemicals, tools, etc. that can cause injury. Every year, thousands of construction workers get injured at the workplace due to improper safety precaution and management.
Here are a few easy construction safety tips one must follow to avoid any workplace accidents.
Do not miss an induction -
No two construction sites are the same. Constructions works have to work on multiple sites with different arrangements. It is essential to attend the induction before starting the work. Induction helps one to better understand the area they are working and other important things like where's the first-aid kit or main power supply for machines. Never start work without proper induction.
Keep the construction site tidy -
A construction site can be messy. Studies show minor slips and trips account for around 30% of accidents on construction sites. Do not keep tools or loose wires hanging around to avoid any accidents. Always keep your work area tidy to reduce the number of hazards.
Follow all safety signs and procedures -
It is very important to make proper use of the safety signs. Induction should cover the use of and meaning of all the safety signs at the construction site. Carry out safety drills to ensure that the workers are aware of all the safety procedures. Make sure you take all the safety measures before you begin your work.
Report defects -
Never ignore a defect, however small it may be. Always report it to your supervisor. Most of the time, ignoring small problems leads to a bigger problem that can cause accidents.
Never tamper with tools -
Construction tools are the most important thing for a construction worker. Always check all your tools and other equipment before you start your work. Do not attempt to fix defective equipment unless you are competent to do so.
Always wear the safety gear –
Protective gear is a must. Never start your work on the construction site with your helmet, gloves, safety glasses, and shoes.

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