Construction all risk insurance, aka CAR insurance, is a form of coverage that's considered a non-standard policy. In other words, CAR insurance policies represent one of the highest tiers of coverage. While standard policies cover the basics, these more expensive policies offer more protection. For contractors and construction companies, all risk insurance is an attractive option for the extra coverage it offers. In specific, CAR insurance policies provide insurance for third-party injuries and property damage that might occur during the construction process. Here are 6 reasons why you need to construction all-risk insurance.


  1. Give your employers and clients peace of mind.


Insurance is great for protecting yourself and your business, but clients and employees can also benefit from proper coverage. Construction all risk insurance helps to cover third-party injuries and property damage. Even though employees and clients should still have their own insurance policies for personal protection, all risk insurance offers extra peace of mind for all involved. Customers and 1099-employees know that you're covered should something happen.


  1. Some states require insurance by law.


In order to operate as a contractor in many states, it's required to have some form of insurance. Although the specifics might differ depending on what region you're operating in, it's always important to ensure you have all of the legally required coverage. Without the right insurance policies, you're putting yourself in legal and financial jeopardy. Although all risk insurance might not cover all of the areas required by law, it's a good start. Be sure to speak with your lawyer or a government representative to determine what kinds of insurance you're legally obliged to have.


  1. All risk insurance offers comprehensive coverage.


While affordability might be your instinctive priority when looking for construction insurance, you know deep down that the most important factor is coverage. After all, an insurance policy is only as good as the protection it offers you and your business. Construction all risk insurance is a great choice for this very reason. This type of insurance offers protection in two important areas: damage claims or injuries to third-party entities and property damage coverage. This type of insurance can cover the gaps that might otherwise exist when getting these two forms of coverage from separate policies.


  1. It's a cost-effective insurance strategy.


For many contractors, insurance is an unforeseen expense. Without the right estimations, your monthly insurance payments could take a sizeable chunk out of your earnings. It's never fun to see your take-home income diminish. Since insurance is a requirement, many contractors leave it there. However, there are ways to save money on your insurance policies. All risk insurance is a more cost-effective insurance strategy because it bundles many forms of insurance together. That way, you're getting reduced pricing on each.


  1. All risk insurance is easier to manage.


In addition to being more affordable than investing in several different policies, all risk insurance is also significantly easier to manage. As a small business owner, you already have enough on your plate. From hiring and training employees, covering business expenses, and generating new clients, you barely have enough time to worry about legal aspects of your business. Instead of taking time to manage a policy for each area of your company, invest in all-risk insurance to simplify the management process. For example, it's much easier to invest in all-risk insurance than it is to handle electrical, piping, and plumbing insurance together.


  1. It's often a shared policy.


Another great feature of construction all-risk insurance is that contractors and employers typically split the cost. Whether you're hiring a contractor or working for a larger construction company, you can rest assured that the financial burden won't be yours to handle alone. It's important to keep in mind that not all company's approach all-risk insurance policies with this mentality. Be sure to speak with all of the parties involved and make sure everyone's on the same page before signing any legal documents. You don't want to end up being stuck with a larger payment than you had previously thought.


It's time to reconsider your insurance coverage to see how you can save money and increase your protection. Take a look at construction all risk insurance to see what you can gain.

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