I wish I had a dollar for every time someone had said to me, alternative therapies, don´t believe in them, all that "new fangled", "new age" stuff. Indeed, when I first started as a therapist, doctors regarded me with great suspicion and would certainly have voted to have me burnt at the stake as a witch had we lived in less tolerant times. Thank goodness we now have a more enlightened medical profession, where they can now see the valuable contribution that alternative therapies can make.

I prefer to use the term "complimentary therapies", rather than alternative, simply because if a patient can combine both conventional medicine and other therapies, they are getting the best of both worlds. Strange though it may seem, most complimentary therapies have their origins hundreds of years before modern science was developed. Many of todays "wonder drugs" are derived from plant extracts that were used for the same purpose by our ancestors. Cave drawings of people having a form of Reflexology have been found. The ancient Greeks and Romans discovered the therapeutic benefits of massage and healing has been well documented throughout history.

Ancient civilizations recognized the many wondrous things this planet had to offer to keep the mind, body and spirit healthy and fulfilled. As science became more and more sophisticated, the ancient wisdoms were discarded and instead of combining them with mans "new found" knowledge, they were considered to be of no value.

Now at last we are beginning to combine all our knowledge to obtain the very best treatment for whatever ails us. Doctors and other medical professionals work hand in hand with professional therapists to provide a service that can hasten recovery and give the body the best possible circumstances to rebuild and renew.

Complimentary therapies, when administered by properly trained therapists, can be invaluable. Take massage for example. A correctly applied massage has an influence on every part of the body. It increases blood supply and oxygen to vital organs, stimulates nerve paths, lower blood pressure and helps the body to get rid of toxins, improves skin and muscle tone, eases away aches and pains,
stimulates bone regeneration, improves digestion, stimulates the immune system etc., etc., the list goes on and on. It also has a feel good factor that leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed. No wonder the ancient civilizations thought so highly of it.

Most complimentary therapies are holistic. They work on the whole person, mind, body and spirit. They stimulate the human body to use its amazing powers of self healing and they can also enhance the therapeutic effects of medication and conventional treatments. They are also very useful in maintaining good health and wellness, whilst balancing and de-toxing. Surely prevention is always better than
cure, so why wait until you have symptoms to try a new experience.

During my years as a therapist, I have seen the very positive effects that Reiki, Reflexology, Massage and Hypnotherapy can have, sometimes easing away symptoms completely and always giving a sense of peace and well being and of course there are many other therapies that can achieve similar results. Reiki healing in particular can achieve the most amazing results, even on chronic conditions and is completely risk free.

Please don´t close your mind to the possibilities available to you. Combine the best of conventional medicine with the best of complimentary therapies, then you really are giving yourself the maximum chance of a fit and healthy life.

Author's Bio: 

Pat Hooper ITEC CIBTAC IFR HydDip. Reiki Master Teacher is a regular “guest” writer on our "better life" blog at http://www.needtofind.org

Pat has an impeccable reputation and is renowned in her field, running her own practice in the UK for over 20 years, and here in Spain now for the last 5 years.