Heartbreak is brought on from the death of a loved one, broken dreams, separation from a loved one whether romantic or close friend/relative, the state of the world, abandonment, or seeing harm done to an animal, human, or forests. In fact it can be brought on by many more situations not yet listed.

So what does heartbreak feel like?

Heartbreak can literally feel like your heart is breaking. It can also feel like your whole world is falling apart. Heartbreak hurts physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It can even result in believing life no longer has meaning and make you question how you can go on living without the person or situation that broke your heart. Anger can also result. Resentment too. And of course, grief.

These feelings are all part of natural flow that comes from heartbreak. Sometimes though, when most deeply felt, it can be the gateway into a dark night of the soul.

Anyway you look at it, heartbreak and the resulting grief also opens a rite of passage, and when consciously taken, leads to an awakening through grief.

Spiritual strength is gathered each time you move through change. Think of it as a portal or a rite of passage into something new, and greater than anything your fearful self could have imagined.

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" ~ Lao Tzu
Loss Can Be Devestating

It has been said that we can evolve out of the worst tragedy we have ever lived through. I can relate to that, as I did not know how I was going to continue living my life without my dad. We were like two peas in a pod. Inseparable, until death took him away.

It was a devastating loss for me yet somehow, I came to know who I was outside of the pod. I came to know that I was capable of living a life without him in physical form and because of my tight spiritual connection with the “other side”, I was able to still communicate with my dad in other ways. At first this was quite frequent, then I learned to stand on my own.

During a period of heartbreak, you might feel like you want to close your heart and even close yourself off from the world. This might actually drain you as no light can enter in or out when we create these shields or barriers to love.

You have access to a never-ending flow of universal energy, yet if you block this flow, you will end up feeling closed off, ungrounded, anxious, and maybe even depressed.

Blocking Energy Flow

Depression in fact, is seen as a resistance to life on a spiritual level. It takes a lot of energy to go against the flow of life which creates that feeling of heaviness. Think of a dam blocking the flow of water and how the water builds up. Your problems and emotions can build up in the same way.

A closed heart lowers your vibration and blocks the balance of giving and receiving and so it can feel very dark as no light is able to get in or out.

With emotion, you can see how the energy must be kept in motion and it’s important to keep that energy moving through you and not to suppress it where it can build up inside of you creating further blocks. When you keep pushing thoughts away, they become more persistent and fill up your head. Being so into your thoughts keep you from being fully present in the here and now, which is your greatest source of power.

Building Spiritual Strength

Recognize that this heartbreak, although feeling like it will never end, is only temporary. Accept this is just what is happening in your life right now. The more you can lean into it and be present with it, the easier it will be to move through it. When your heart breaks, it cracks open space for more of your soul to enter, and for your heart to grow bigger. Be open to the spiritual power coming back to you.

Awakening through grief happens as you create awareness of what needs healing; accepting healing and transformation, action to embrace the healing and transformation.

From Mayan Oracle by Ariel Spilsbury & Michael Bryner: “For some the illusion of separation from Love may create feelings of hopelessness, lack of support, and vibrational alienation. The very gifts which are being called for, maybe be seen as cause for resistance. Fear, and projection by that which is being transformed. Yet it will be your love that will transform the depths of duality and your frequencies of light what will quicken the many. Spark the remembrance."

So how you heal from heartbreak?

All transitions have periods of stasis where nothing seems to be moving. You may feel insecure, unsteady. So it’s important to approach your healing with tenderness, self-compassion.

♥ Practice centring to stay grounded during transitions.

♥ Don’t try to keep up with everything, as everything is changing now and it will seem impossible. Instead, practice simplifying.

♥ Create conscious connection with loved ones and your higher power.

♥ Recognize and deepen your understanding of impermanence.

♥ Practice patience. Healing from heartbreak doesn’t just take time, it takes alignment. Grief allows you to experience life at a deeper, more vital level. It also allows you to re-align with what is most important and meaningful for you.

♥ Create a nurturing environment that gives rise to the conditions of healing and transformation.

If you are an Empath, you may feel heartbreak on a more regular basis. This creates initiation into what it takes to heal and become a healer. To feel things (everything) more deeply, it’s essential to know how to discern your energy and what belongs to others.

Honour the person and relationship that has brought on the heartbreak such as visiting favourite places/paths you walked together. For others it means sitting by the grave site, honouring traditions of favourite past times. The loving bond created will never be broken.

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Jennifer Regular is a Spiritual Mentor lighting your path during times of reckoning and deep healing. Her offerings transform wounded healers and empower empaths into soul-aligned Healers/Coaches/Teachers/Visionaries who embody their truth. She is the Transformational Author of, “Embrace Your Power: A Healing Journal of Self-Discovery”. Learn more at https://lightingthepath.ca