If you are a ‘first-timer’ considering visiting our yoga retreat Yoga Evolution Retreats, you probably have some questions about what it will involve and the benefits it will bring to your mind and body. We are here to reassure you that a break from the stresses of daily life at our yoga sanctuary is a worthy investment of your time and, more importantly, in your mental and physical health.

You’ll spend time with like-minded souls in a welcoming and nurturing environment. Our classes are held by our founders, Sue and Peter, who are both registered Senior Yoga Teachers with the Yoga Alliance Professionals UK and have practised and taught yoga to students throughout the world for many years.

What to expect on our yoga retreat

Our retreat programs are centred on helping guests to dive deeply into the wisdom of the ancient art of yoga, focusing on breathing methods and developing meditation skills to achieve positive changes for your body and soul which brings about an overall feeling of wellbeing.

Each retreat has been carefully balanced to ensure our guests feel part of a true community, yet intimate enough to receive support from Sue, Peter and the other team members in order that you get the most from the time you spend at our sanctuary.

An important part of our yoga retreat is our beautiful surroundings. Set in a remote, yet central, area of Portugal we practice yoga against the backdrop of woodlands, olive groves and our unique salt-water pool. It’s a magical place, where the deep connection with nature will make you feel rejuvenated, healthy and at one with your inner self.

While yoga and meditation are naturally at the heart of our retreat, there is so much more to experience when you visit us. When not practising, we invite you to choose a book from our library and relax in the shade one of our pergolas or hammocks to simply enjoy the sounds of nature or enjoy a stroll along the stream and natural slate pools.

Join us on your yoga journey

Our programs of yoga retreats have been created to accommodate many different yogic styles, including Yin, Vinyasa Flow, Qigong and our own Evolutionary yoga method. There are options to suit all levels, including beginners who are curious to discover how a break from modern life can be the beginning of a journey to a more fulfilling and healing life. We hope to welcome you to our yoga retreat soon.

Accommodation options

We have a variety of options for you to choose from which range from single rooms with double beds or if you come with a friend then you can share in our twin rooms. We have several double rooms if attending with your partner. We also have several rooms that have en-suite facilities and a stone cottage that also has a kitchen. If you are looking for a complete digital detox then why not try our wooden eco caravans.

What’s the cost?

We are probably the most affordable you retreat in Europe as for us it is not about making lots of money but about making a difference. The cost of a single is 550 pounds, twin is 500 pounds and your own facilities will cost 650 pounds. Our eco caravans are 450 pounds and sometimes we have people camping which cost 350 pounds.

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