When we decided to start doing email marketing actions on our database the question arises as to which of the alternatives on the market that is most suitable to carry out:

•When and why it is appropriate to use external technology provider?
•What human need to perform actions of email marketing?
•Does it make sense to develop an internal application?
•What are the benefits in outsourcing agency l to email marketing management?
•Of the various tools available on the market, what is best for my company?

Unlike what happened a few years ago, at the option of conducting an internal development made sense, today there are three factors that, in our view, justify hiring an external platform in any situation:

1. The solvents platforms offer has increased significantly. We can find platforms that fit our reality, both in terms of shipment volumes and the budget we have. Virtually all market tools include standard features mentioned above

2. Whenever you need more know-how and expertise to successfully overcome the challenges of deliver ability. The spam filters are evolving; requiring email marketing professionals stay abreast of these changes and adapt the platforms.

3. Every time we have a greater number of heterogeneous data (likes, followers, tweets, web analytic, opens, clicks, etc..). This requires adapting the platform to be able to manage and correlate all this data.

These three factors require sustained investment in updating and adapting technology platforms so that developments in-house can be very expensive to maintain.

Furthermore, the execution of email marketing programs can be left to someone in the marketing department or marketing online or even someone of technology. Question is whether the cost / time does not exceed the cost of outsourcing given assumed an opportunity cost to not devote time to other business activities.

Another option, valid for organizations with short marketing structures is outsourcing the execution of campaigns in a specialized agency. The main advantage of this alternative is that the organization's internal resources are not blocked on tasks that add little value. In addition, the expertise of the agency professionals ensures better implementation of the processes.

If a company has a specific online marketing department, with qualified staff it makes sense that the management of email marketing is carried internally.

On the other hand, if human resources are limited and there is no specific profile of digital marketing it makes sense to rely on a specialized agency in Email Marketing. The agency will advise you on what tactics and strategies can be carried out, aligning them with the remaining shares of its digital marketing mix.

Author's Bio: 

Written by Vishal Shah, His writings are useful to everyone, from a large scale business to a small niche company. He is currently working for a web development company which is in specialized iPhone application development.