We spend so much of our time making sure things work out well for ourselves and do this by planning, organizing, and hoping for good outcomes. However, success is not related to perfection, driving hard towards a single goal, or wearing one’s self thin with endless efforts. The first and most important step to anyone’s personal victory is to use the mind as the means to achieve: think positively.

There are many articles available that refer to various methods with which positive thinking strategies can be developed and used to reach for one’s goals. These include changing the negative wording of one’s self-talk to more positive wording, avoiding the use of self-limiting statements, or finding mild punishments to alter one’s negative thinking habits. Though these strategies will work in many circumstances, they generally remain a mere first step. Moving beyond the actual wording of one’s mental processes would be to truly accept what is being said as true.

It is therefore not sufficient to change the wording from “I’m not good enough to do this!” to “Not only will I overcome this challenge but I’ll learn from it too!” it’s also important to believe it to the point that one’s feelings and expectations correspond. Positive actions stem from positive feelings which in turn stem from positive thoughts. Bridging the gap from thoughts to feelings is the part that is most often troublesome for those trying to change their thought patterns but is can be made easy if you Consider Yourself Worthy.

Those who believe that they’d like to have a happy marriage but judge themselves unworthy of one will find themselves sabotaging the relationships or potential relationships they have.

Those who would like to acquire a flourishing career but think they are not worthy of success will find themselves setting the bars low and satisfyingly working under someone else’s direction.

Those who would like to gain financial affluence but consider themselves unworthy of privileged circumstances will find themselves regularly struggling with money.

Regardless of the situation, self-worth is a critical factor to consider and the evaluation of one’s own worth is fundamental in the development of one’s personal morale. Because poor morale is a major contributor to insufficient motivation, productivity and enjoyment, it is a leading factor to inefficiency and melancholy. This essentially perpetuates the downward repetitive cycle of low self-esteem to poor outcomes.

Consider yourself worthy of succeeding in areas that are important to you
Consider yourself worthy of overcoming the challenges you may encounter as you strive for your goals
Consider yourself worthy of seeing failures as opportunities to learn
Consider yourself worthy of happiness, achievements, and well-being

Whatever the situation may be, you must truly believe that you are worthy of the outcome you’re seeking. There should be no doubt in your mind for it is these uncertainties that lead to hesitation in positive self-talk. For positive thoughts to lead to positive feelings to positive outcomes, consider yourself valuable and worthy of what you desire.

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Albert Garoli is a proficient health practitioner, medical researcher, and educator. He is a specialist in Ayurvedic medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Herbology, Biophysics, and Homotoxicology. Currently, he is teaching in the Italian College of Osteopathy (C.I.O) as well as the Italian School for Oriental Medicine (ScuolaTao), in convention with University Sapienza of Rome. He is also the director of the Holonomics cooperative project. His many years of experience have brought him to a revolutionary understanding of human neurobiology which is clearly explained in his new book: The Evolutionary Glitch.