As you embark on your journey of becoming who you were born to be, consider those you choose to travel with. A vital component of your success is establishing a Circle of 4 that not only encourages you to reach your full potential, but also accurately reflects who you want to become.

Your Circle of 4 is comprised of the four people you consider as cornerstones. It includes both those you admire—such as a mentor whom you seldom see or speak with, but have access to—and those dearest to you, such as your best friend or closest family member.

The summation of these four people directly reflects your life. For example, the median net worth of your Circle of 4 will be very close to yours. If two in your Circle are broke and two have just enough to scrape by, odds are good you’re concerned about your next meal.

If your Circle of 4 includes three people who consistently complain about their careers and one who is living their WHAT, it’s likely you want better for yourself, but aren’t busting your hump to get there.

Be wary of those whose goals and objectives do not closely mirror, or exceed, yours. While it may be comfortable to surround yourself with familiar faces, it’s imperative they emphatically support your mission or their weight is going to drag you down.

Take a few moments to review your current Circle. Be honest about what you see.

To flourish, you need accountability partners who both inspire, and encourage, you. Be conscious of the power your Circle holds.

With the right people in your Circle, anything can happen. With the wrong people, nothing will. Choose wisely.

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Steve Olsher is the author of Journey to You – A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming Who You Were Born To Be and Founder of The Reinvention Workshop. Steve lives in Chicago with his wife and two kids. He is available for seminars, keynotes, and consulting. Please visit Steve’s website at or contact him via email at or phone 773.914.4001.