Before you start buying a smart watch, take the time to learn about the built-in features, design, waterproofing, battery life, size, and operating system. In this shopping guide, you can find all the key points to spot during your purchase.

Below, quality models are also presented to allow you to make a small comparison and choose one according to your needs, your requirements, and your possibilities. Multifunctional connected watch with which you can browse the Internet with confidence.

You can also see all kinds of notifications, whether for your e-mail inbox or SMS. The Samsung Gear Fit 2can also grab your attention with its activity tracker with integrated GPS, interchangeable strap and connectivity. It also allows you to store your favorite tunes without the need for your smartphone.

How to choose a good smartwatch?

In order to help you find the ideal connected watch to accompany you on a daily basis, we invite you to browse our buying guide for the best smartwatches. You will know which criteria to base your decision on.
Purchase guide

Embedded functions

You are tempted to put on your wrist one of these smart devices, but not being aware of the essential points to take into account, you still do not know how to buy a smartwatch of a better quality-price ratio? Our advice is first to define the type of watch you want, and the functions it embarks.

You will find on the market models that can play the role of a real small smartphone: they allow you to receive calls, send SMS, consult your social networks. Watches with a built-in speaker and microphone will even give you the ability to make a call or voice command. Of course, in a price comparator, these are more expensive.

Simpler watches will simply receive notifications from your smartphone when receiving a call or message, or other notifications from social networks. But you will not be able to interact from the watch, you will have to take your smartphone out of your pocket for that.

Others, more for athletes, are equipped with GPS and sensors (accelerometer and heart rate monitor) to measure the steps taken in the day, the distance traveled, or heart rate.

Operating system

The OS used is often the main factor determining the performance and possibilities offered by the smartwatch. The more your watch is shipped with an advanced operating system, the more demanding applications it will be able to handle.

Currently, the most used OS and also considered to be the most powerful is that developed by the giant Google: Android Wear. Android smartphones are very numerous on the market, compatibility with these devices will be important.

Other brands, including Samsung, prefer to use their own OS, namely the Tizen. These separate OS still benefit from frequent updates and compatible applications. Finally, we will not fail to mention the Apple brand, whose Apple Watch watches continue to run on iOS.

So, before you start any purchase, follow our advice and check first the operating system taken into account by the watch, to ensure that it is compatible with your smartphone.


Features are not everything: people wondering "where to buy a new smartwatch? Also, take into account the design of the device. This factor is not negligible, especially if you plan to keep your wristwatch all day long.

The designs vary especially on the screen. So you will find with round or square formats, such as classic watches. But you will also find with rectangular shapes, more elongated and curved. These will look more like a bracelet than a watch.

The technology of the screen can also more or less influence the aesthetics of the device. For a more modern look, you will have LCD or Amoled watches. For a more classic look, you'll find a classic dial with hands.

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