You could be wondering what an RV is. To break it down for you, RV means recreational vehicle in full. You surely must have seen that vehicle that looks like a house. It’s actually more of a mobile home or in other words a motorhome. Couples especially those with children prefer travelling for holiday and vacations in RVs. On the other hand some people argue that using an RV for travelling is cumbersome, hectic and could turn a vacation into a disaster. Whether or not an RV is convenient for travel depends on a number of things. In this case, at least most of your expectations have to be met. Additionally, since it’s like you are moving in a home, all your needs have to be catered for. Small campers with bathrooms are usually the best as you will not have to hustle looking for a place to bath. I will briefly outline the advantages and disadvantages of RV travel and from there you can decide the way forward.

Pros of RV travel

You get to save money

This goes for the money you could have spent on accommodation and even food. Since there are beds in the camper, you all sleep inside and the only thing you have to do is look for a good campsite place. Of Corse you will be charged a small fee for the campsite but that is still much less than what you would have paid for accommodation at a hotel. When it comes to food, you can make quick snacks like sandwiches. Also, you can carry your own cereal and fruit for breakfast. This can be quite helpful in a case where you are travelling with children. You definitely will spend less money on food.

It’s like home away from home

Typically an RV will have a bed, kitchen and a bathroom so it’s literally like a home. You can make some popcorn, sandwiches or even a barbeque whenever you want. Not forgetting the fact that you have your bathroom there wherever you go. This means no pulling up at gas stations or having a difficult time with road sick children. An RV also means you can stop at any place that you want with no worries. For instance, if you love nature you can easily stop near a lake and spend some quality time outdoors. After all you have your bathroom, bed and your favorite food right there.

It makes you part of a community

Ever heard of the saying, the more the merrier. Well, using an RV for travel can actually make your vacation more fun than you might have expected. You want to know why. At the campsites or RV resorts you can make some new friends and acquaintances with other people there. This is because there are neighbors there and some can be quite friendly and warm. However, I wouldn’t say the same in the case for hotels. We usually don’t even know the neighbor in the next room. But with RVs you get to share some sort of a common bond.

Plenty of time

There are no worries about time when it comes to RV travel. You can spend as much time as you want visiting and exploring different places. Similarly, if you feel that you had little time exploring and sightseeing in a certain area, you can always stay for a few more days. You don’t have to worry about going out of the budget that you had initially prepared. After all, there are no accommodation costs to incur.

Travelling with pets

When going for vacations, most people will tend to leave behind their pets. However, with an RV you will not be forced to leave your pets as you travel. It is accommodating and there are plenty of RV resorts and campgrounds that allow in pets.

Cons of RV travel


During a vacation, people are actually supposed to be doing fun things and most may not consider things as housekeeping to be pleasant. An RV is just like a house and this means there is cleaning, dusting, spreading beds and cooking meals. This definitely means less time is spent relaxing.

Maintenance can be a headache

Remember an RV is a vehicle just like any other with moving parts. This definitely means you have to be prepared for maintenance and also repairs. The vehicle might malfunction or breakdowns and this means hours and even days trying to repair or get the right part.


You will need to buy your own RV or rent one if you plan to use it for travel. Either way they are still expensive. Most people will go for renting g as they may not want the RV once they are done with travelling.

Gas expense

You will find that RVs use more fuel compared to just using a car. If you are using a large motorhome, be prepared to use at least twice the amount of fuel you use with a usual vehicle. The amount of fuel used increases with the many miles you plan to travel.

Less friendly camping places

Camping sites with many travelers can be less inviting. You may have to deal with an annoying neighbor or the area may not be as inviting as you initially might have imagined. Additionally, some camping grounds are quite expensive and this only means more costs incurred.

Less comfort

Hotels are obviously comfortable with luxurious beds and mouthwatering meals. This may not be the same with RVs as the bed may be small and uncomfortable.

Storage space

Finding a nice spot to park your RV can become quite a headache. You will find some communities restrict parking of RVs in their driveways. Additionally, the space inside the RV may not be convenient for some people. For instance, there are people who prefer large closets and can therefore find the one inside the RV limited. This will not be the case when you opt for a hotel as there is enough space for you clothes.
The decision of RV travel is entirely up to you. If you find it convenient, then go for it. It’s all about personal taste and having your travel expectations met.

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