At the height of the pandemic, it wasn’t possible for a lot of people to live as they usually would. This was a time when so many people had to isolate themselves from others and were only able to go out for the basics and perhaps to work, that’s if they were a key worker, for instance.

As time passed, most of the restrictions were lifted and life more or less went back to normal. What played a part in this was a vaccine that was initially positioned as something that would stop people from contracting the virus.

Another Experience

However, there are still countries that have not gone back to normal and this means that a lot of restrictions are still in place. A country like this can then be very similar to how another country was a little while ago.

For those who live in a country like this, they can wonder if what they are going through will ever end. It can be as though they are stuck in a nightmare with no end in sight.

A Temporary Situation

For those countries that have more or less gone back to normal, what was going on before might not receive a great deal of attention but that doesn’t mean that it will have been completely cast aside. The media and other sources are still likely to mention it from time to time.

Along with this, they can often hear about at least one other threat that is seen as being just as, if not more, destructive than the last one. Therefore, it might not be long until a number of the restrictions that were put in place before and lifted, return.

Very Different

Now, it wouldn’t be right to say that this is the only time that certain measures have been put in place that undermines people’s freedom. Take terrorism, for instance, this led to different laws being created and more security cameras being put in place, among other things.

This meant that some of the things that could be done before could no longer be done and depending on where someone is, their every move can be watched and recorded. It could then be said that what each event does is chip away at what someone can do.

A Mixed Response

For some people, it doesn’t really matter what is going on; their main priority is to feel safe. For someone like this, they will trust those at the top, so to speak, to do the right thing and they are seldom going to question what they do.

For others, it might also not matter what is going on; but their priority won’t be to feel safe. For someone like this, they are not going to simply trust that those at the top, so to speak, will do the right thing and they will question what they do.

A Clear Stance

Someone like this could say that it is not right that their freedoms are being taken away and that their fellow human beings need to push back. Furthermore, they could say that if they and their fellow citizens allow this to happen, there will always be one crisis after another.

According to this view, the people at the top, then, will see how easy it is to take away people's rights and will continue to go down the same path. This, of course, will show that they believe that what has, what is and what will happen in the future is not random and is planned.

One Conclusion

If someone who trusts their government was to hear this, they could label this person as being a “conspiracy therapist.” In their eyes, this person won’t be of sound mind and, thus, will have views that are irrational.

Yet, if someone doesn’t trust their government, they could label the person above as being a “sheep.” They could believe that someone like this is not of sound mind, which is why they blindly accept just about whatever they are told.

Stepping Back

If these two types of people were put to one side, along with what is going on ‘out there’, it will create the opportunity to look at what is going on differently. What if a large part of humanity feels comfortable living a life where they don’t have a great deal of freedom?

For one type of person, the one that was mentioned above, this could be seen as being an accurate assessment, but, for another type, the one that was also mentioned above, this could be seen as being inaccurate. After all, the second type is resisting what is going on.

It’s hidden

However, even if someone consciously resists what is going on, it doesn’t mean that they are against what is going on at a deeper level. Ergo, those who are against what is going on are not necessarily going to be radically different to those who don’t.

Deep down, at an unconscious level, irrespective of how they behave, someone can feel comfortable being treated like a child, as opposed to a sovereign human being. Being in a position where someone else has power over them and tells them how to live their life is then going to feel comfortable.

A Continuation

One way of looking at this would be to say that although they will look like an adult, they will still carry a child inside them. This child will give them the need for an external source to look after and protect them.

What this could show is that their early years were not very nurturing, with this being a time when their caregiver/s and/or other adults abused their power. Then again, it might not be this black and white.

A Natural outcome

Either way, if a large part of humanity is made up of people who have this need, it is not going much of a surprise that the world is the way that it is. On one level, there will be those who look for this and those who resist this.

And, on another level, what is taking place within each person’s consciousness will feed into the collective consciousness and co-create a reality where there are people who are there to look after them. These people will provide them with the stability that they are either consciously or unconsciously looking for but it will come at a great price.

The Mirror

What this illustrates is that what is going ‘out there’ is not random and someone is not purely a passive observer of their reality. Nonetheless, their extroverted mind, along with their eyes, will create the impression that they have no effect on what is going on ‘out there’.

Naturally, without this understanding, it is to be expected that a large part of humanity will see themselves as a being controlled by an external source. In reality, what is going on around them will shed light on what is going on within them.

Final Thoughts

The key, then, will be for an individual to look into how they truly feel about being free and to work through any issues that arise. By doing this, they will gradually be taking away their energy from a reality where there are people ‘out there’ who are happy to control them and feeding it into a very different reality.

This can be a time when they will be working through wounds that relate to their adult years, childhood years, their birth, time in their mother’s womb and even from other lives that they have had. To do this, they may require external support.

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