How conscious are you about what you eat? Do you really know what you are ingesting?

Now at first thought, I am guessing that many will say that they are conscious. There are likely those that relate that to blessing or praying over their food. Then there are those that will say they are because they eat a raw vegan diet. Others will claim to be fully aware of the pesticides and the quality level of the food that they are ingesting.

However, how many people really think about the energy of what they are ingesting and how that interacts with their own personal energy?

I am certain that there is more than one person out there that has tried to get “healthy” or lose weight. There are those that will say “I eat really healthy; and have even been a raw vegan; yet I still can’t lose the weight”. Now, of course there can be many things behind this.

The reality is that food is not just nutrients in the body; but energy. Because of this the saying “what you eat is what you are” can take on a much deeper meaning when I explore this from the aspect of Code Interpretation. Not only does every piece of food have it’s own energy, but it creates additional energy vibrations when it is eaten with other things or several ingredients are blended together in a recipe. Even adding a beverage to a meal will change the dynamics of what we are ingesting.

In addition to having it’s own energy, there is then also the energy of what happens when it connects with our own personal blueprint energy. So something that may be moderately healthy on a nutrient base, can actually work very well for some people. Likewise, fiber is not healthy for everyone as standard nutrition would lead one to believe; and for others yet, they will need to get it through a specific means fruit instead of grains or maybe vegetables instead.

Imagine if instead of looking at your food as a certain type of nutrient or “healthy” or “unhealthy” you saw it for the vibrational energy pattern that it is when it connects with you. So, for example, instead of seeing something as being full of fiber or vitamin C or B vitamins, you see it as nourishment for partnerships, business, personal power, mental acuity, and so on. This is what I look at in Code Interpretation. How does the energy of what you are eating, interact with your own personal codes. Are you actually eating to strengthen your personal codes; or are you depleting them?

What we eat, then becomes the energy that we carry within us; and also a magnet for the energy vibration that we function on. If we are functioning on partnerships, then we will draw in those that will be good for us to partner with. If we are functioning on upheaval, then we will draw in upheaval. What we ingest is what we are taking in from the world; and the energy patterns that we are feeding. See we are not just feeding our bodies; but our vibrational energy patterns.

Do you know what the vibrational energy patterns are that you are feeding? Have you thought about how shifting what you are eating can literally change your life?

Jesse An Nichols George

Coding Interpreter

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