"We are All One Breath"

Do you ever feel as if you've known someone all your life even though you just met? You look into their eyes and you just melt into a state of knowing that says this is a being that has always been with me and I've been waiting for aeons to make this connection here on the physical plane. You instantly bond, the ties are beyond the physical, mental or emotional connections that you experience in your everyday reality. You have found a soul brother or sister. The energy between you is unmistakable, breathtaking and beautiful beyond belief.

The truth is that we are all intimately connected in ways that we often fail to recognize as we go about navigating our "ordinary" reality. Consciousness though is beginning to emerge in ever higher degrees in the human species and we are returning in droves to indigenous roots and practices which have always maintained that this is so. The connection that we have to our brothers and sisters, fathers, mothers, uncles, cousins, aunts, children, friends and communities are fundamental in sustaining us emotionally and materially. However the deep soul connection feeds us in ways that these "ordinary" connections never will.

Sometimes we are fortunate enough to have both a soul connection and an "ordinary" connection with our family of origin. More often than not though we feel as if we were born into the wrong family and it may not be until much later in our journey that we shed the cultural conditioning that says that we must maintain these connections at all costs and re-form our relationships with family or in some cases shed these relationships in favor of connections with our "soul family" which nourish us at a much deeper and more profound level.

When we merge in relationship with our soul family members we are generally being called together to serve a much higher purpose that can only be manifested through the combining of energies of souls of a resonating vibrational level. These groupings are able to tap into the combined energies of the collective to literally make magic in the world. Today more and more of us are being called, being awakened to our higher purpose, being led to make these deeper connections and being guided to leverage the power of these connections to make significant transformation in the world around us.

Connections such as these also go beyond the normal idea of connection between humans and encompass and include at every level the connections that we make with our four legged brothers and sisters as well as our family members in the plant and mineral kingdoms. Eventually we come to the point where we not only experience but we actually live in every moment the understanding that we are all one. Intimately connected at every level to each other, to our environment, and to the planetary body Gaia who is our Mother and sustainer of the web of life on this plane, we come to understand at our very core the meaning behind the words and to embody our connectedness, knowing that whatever good we do for another we do for ourselves and realizing that without a doubt any harm that we inflict we inflict upon ourselves as well. May you nourish your connections, those that you have in your "ordinary" reality as well as those that are calling from the depths of your soul. For in this nourishment you feed not only yourself but all the web of creation.

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