I have been writing about BEINGNESS and how what your BEING affects what your doing and having. I have also been talking about DRAMA and choosing to say NO to it, and so it is no coincidence that yesterday I experienced DRAMA of my own AND had to remind myself to CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE how I was to BE, or allow the circumstances to choose for me, and that was something I would not do!

I put to test my own words yesterday as I was caught up in someone Else's drama and I allowed that to affect ME and throw me off course and because it did I found myself walking, talking, yelling, and asking God what was going on. It was then that Spirit said LOUD AND CLEAR- Heather, what are you choosing to BE.

The minute that hit me I stopped and immediately thought about what I wrote that morning about drama and choosing something different so that drama would not be in your life. I had to do that literally yesterday. Angels, talking principals is one thing, implementing and living them is something totally different.

And yet IT WORKS! The minute I stopped, breathed, and centered myself I began to feel better. I reminded myself that I did not have to pick this up anymore, that instead I can choose to rest KNOWING that Spirit is working this out to my highest good and am reminding myself of that each time I think about it. I also have the opportunity to LET GO & LET GOD work in my life, and rest in ease and grace!

Simple:YES Easy:NO. The not so easy part is dealing with EGO and talking with it and assuring EGO that it is still relevant without going and acting upon its ideas and thoughts! I have noticed and experienced though that with practice it is easier and easier to ALLOW what IS to BE. Yesterday, was a great opportunity for me to put into practice BEINGNESS, to practice letting go, to practice mind discipline and ALLOW what IS to BE.

I share all this with you to show you that I too am a work in progress. That just because I talk this and it sounds great does not always mean that I have implemented these principals. I have chosen to BE an example for Humanity. I have also chosen to BE LOVE for humanity, and if by my sharing a piece of my life can help someone else with theirs-GREAT!

CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSING.....that is what I AM sharing with you. Do you choose to be conscious in the choices that you make or make them out of habit, ritual, just because, and the many other reasons we do things unconsciously? CONSCIOUS CHOOSING.......is the name of the game we are playing, KNOWING THAT, what is it that YOU CHOOSE!


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STARTING OVER I feel is the key to life! I Especially in this 21st Century. I feel that we have entered into the age of information. Not only data and facts, also in-for-mation with our Higher Selves and I AM here to help people return back to themselves.

I feel we can help each other help others as we move deeper and deeper into this Information Age. Check out my Expert page and let me know how we can help each other.

Thank you,
Heather Buzzard