Many academics, scientists and philosophers do not accept consciousness as there is nothing organic to conclude. They consider that the functions of the mind are all at the center of the physical body. Many other people perceive and accept as by faith. Rare is the pious person who has experienced it and love to live in its serenity.
Spiritual consciousness is who you are and do not have a physical origin. Mental physical functions provide an opportunity for spiritual awareness to survive the physical world. Mind functions come and go, or rise and fall on demand. The spiritual consciousness remains unchanged whatever the spirit does not feel or think. This is the split between consciousness and functions of your mind. And that separation is essential in understanding your existence. What does your mind perceive with our senses is that consciousness can see and know.
The spirit is of physical origin, created from your brain functions of intellect, memory, imagination and intuition. These functions the spirit up and down on demand, creating what is called the mind or the functions of the mind.
Spiritual consciousness is your astral body. Your lifestyle is born and ends in it. All thoughts are developed on the conscience of the design process of the mind and ends in the state of mind control. Spiritual consciousness is the subtle spiritual channel that you are logged in mind. It is subtle spiritual channel through which your senses feel the wisdom of the Interior for the moment. Mind is subtle string nervous you are connected to your physical body.
Nervous system of subtle meaning is connected to the memory of the thought of the mind by which you are connected to many things and people around the physical world. The subtle mind is in your head, where you develop your memory and store its wisdom and thought control. The spiritual awareness in your astral body and continues to exist with you even after death.
State of spiritual consciousness is different from your normal state of mind of thinking. So says the dictionary, and most people perceive. Many people confuse altered state of mind to think that the altered state of consciousness. The fact is that consciousness can not be changed. What has changed is the state of thinking in developing your mind about spiritual awareness. When you are in a state of spiritual awareness, you are free to think the state of mind. Altered state of mind means altered state of thought process in mind. The experience of spiritual consciousness is the experience beyond the design process of the mind and it can not be expressed in any language.

Consciousness is in the minds and thought processes of the mind is at the heart of the sense of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. A state altered state of mind is very different from the normal state of mind in which you are aware of yourself and your body and many things in the world. . An altered state of mind is the means of folding or unfolding the layers of the mind that carry different wisdom of thought and memory.

Stupor is a state of mind, where memory cells of the brain and nerves or the chain of sense of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch become blocked or weak. Sleep is a state of mind where the mind is disconnected from the senses and rest along the physical body. Meditation is a state of mind in which the sense of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch and thought process is the removal of objects, and it is tempting to focus on the inner consciousness or his subjects. Consciousness is the spiritual state of mind which is free to think and process the memory of the wisdom of thought.

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