When you hear putdowns like “You’re not good enough” or “You’ll fail,” it’s difficult to imagine that your inner critic has been slaving away, nonstop, for most of your life . . . with your best interests in mind. What? Your inner critic is misguided, but its intentions are so pure and positive that most people eventually tear up with gratitude once they fully understand this puzzled part of themselves.

You gave birth to your inner critic in early childhood. You very cleverly (but unconsciously) designed it as a protective shield to avoid adult disapproval. Your inner guardian held you back with messages like, “You aren’t powerful enough to do what you want.”

Children have many limitations. Even though you’ve grown up, your confused, strong-willed inner critic has no understanding of your true capabilities.

Today, your negative voice continues to hold you back with a barrage of dis-empowering comments and emotions, from shame and anxiety to self-sabotage. Until you re-educate this extremely powerful part of yourself, your internal censor will continue its struggle to protect you from harm, disappointment, disapproval and failure by putting you down. You’ll feel unworthy, helpless, fatigued, possibly even depressed.


My clients are relieved when they discover their inner critic is not their enemy. They’re amazed to learn that trying to banish it makes it stronger. Readers of the new book, “Conquer Your Inner Critic,” gain freedom when they discover that our inner critics want to help us and were originally designed to keep us out of trouble. It’s very empowering to learn that you can reinvent what you created.

It’s time to learn to use the strong-arm antics and derogatory voice of this high-energy, potent part of yourself to your advantage. Successful, happy people, from Olympic athletes to actors and CEOs, have discovered how to derive immense value from their internal censor. They know how to embrace their inner critic and re-channel its remarkable persistence and energy in helpful ways.

After you explore the myths about your inner critic and you comprehend its potentially positive power, you can easily and rapidly transform your internal censor into a loving, supportive internal coach. You’ll love becoming the strong, confident person you’ve always been destined to become.


With a new job description, your inner critic will deliver gift after gift to you.
• You’ll discover your hidden strengths, so you’ll be confident being Your Authentic Self.
• You’ll be motivated by intelligent optimism, productive insights and an intuitive edge.
• You’ll feel immune to unfair criticism from other people.
• Inner peace will soothe you, including when you face new challenges.
• You’ll radiate confidence when you promote your abilities and accomplishments.
• Your new level of courage will help you gain the recognition, respect and appreciation you deserve.
• Taking intelligent risks will become a joyful, spontaneous process instead of creating anxiety.
• You’ll thrive when you enjoy rewarding relationships in which your needs are met.


When you read “Conquer Your Inner Critic”, you’ll benefit from an innovative, freedom-producing approach that emerged from years of work with hundreds of coaching clients who were facing the same challenges you’re struggling with. Like you, they were haunted by critical self-talk. Negative comments from the external world mirrored the putdowns of their inner critic.

Many of these clients struggled to please other people instead of being authentic. Promoting their skills was difficult in the world of work when they were anxious or their confidence waned. It was often frightening to take an intelligent risk.

Are you truly ready to calm the crippling voice of your inner critic? Take advantage of a proven program tested by hundreds of clients before sharing the tools with you. You’ll gain special value from the illustrations and the workbook that are part of the book. Order “Conquer Your Inner Critic” at

© 2012. Excerpted with permission from the #1 Bestselling book, "Conquer Your Inner Critic" by Doris Helge, Ph.D.

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