There are so many individuals alive today still wondering whether there is life after death, and if there is, what sort of afterlife is it? How can one be sure of the information available today on such controversial subjects as this one? I have studied all aspects of this subject quite seriously and as a skeptic since 1972. Unfortunately there has been much misinformation on this subject floating around throughout history, mostly created by powerful priests, popes and bishops trying to keep the masses under their control. I have only recently found some sources of information that I can trust such as the near-death experiences of others, my own personal experiences, and the awesome Leslie Flint Educational Trust recordings.

Go to The Leslie Flint Educational Trust for a massive collection of absolutely genuine and lengthy (some lasting up to 50 minutes) paranormal voice recordings taped by George Woods, Betty Greene and many others from the mid 1950's to early 1990's. After extremely carefully analyzing all their work and all other recordings, I have to say, they are the most substantial breakthrough evidence in afterlife research ever. However, before listening to any seance please listen to the introductory message by one of Mr. Leslie Flint's sitters, Betty Greene here. Also please listen to the recordings of radio programs, lectures, etc. explaining direct voice mediumship, and interviews with Leslie Flint which can also be found at the The Leslie Flint Educational Trust.

It is best to keep an open mind and try to avoid any preconceived ideas, notions, and misconceptions, because direct voice mediumship is an extremely serious, delicate and intricate subject that very few understand or even take seriously. The dramatically varying paranormal voices have to go through several stages of thought to etheric to sound translation through the intermediary of ectoplasm before they can be physically heard and then recorded on tapes of varying quality. The original personalities, information, and various accents often come through extremely well and usually sounding very similar to how the person sounded while still alive.

Many of the personalities that come through are often channeled through a spirit much closer to the Earth vibration, because the levels of vibration or spheres that they come from are often too far removed (out of range) from the vibrational level of the voice box. Rather like a relay system with Leslie Flint being the physical medium or channel on Earth, while possibly the spirit guide Dr. Marshall, and spirit control, "Mickey" (John Whitehead who passed away at age 11 near beginning of the 20th century) provides the mediumship on the etheric level. Spirits from much higher spheres can then communicate, however some of their original voice is lost. This is why many of the souls from the higher spheres may sometimes sound similar to Dr. Marshall or Mickey. The overall process is tricky and extremely complex. The astonishing thing is, is that we are able to hear anything at all, and that anyone in the world with a computer and an internet connection can now listen to a huge selection of them!

Still skeptical? It is an overwhelming tendency even among the most brilliant and professional scientific minds to completely dismiss a subject such as alien visitations or afterlife as completely false long before knowing anything about it. Such prejudice and ignorance is like the child who naively declares that science is completely false without first carefully understanding what science and the scientific method really are all about in the first place. Those who in a closed-minded way condemn a subject soley based on what far too little they know about it already are indeed ignorant in the worse way. "Condemnation without investigation" kills knowledge. I also find the long held, dark age Christian belief that spiritualism is the "devil's work" equally irksome, absolutely non-scientific and frustrating. When it comes to realization of truth, especially regarding the afterlife, humankind has been extremely poor at it.

Mr. Leslie Flint (1911-1994) has to be one of the most authentic, most closely scrutinized, and verifiable sources of afterlife information ever, and was one of the most prolific mediums of the 20th century and the most thoroughly tested. I will explain to you why I think there is no way these voices could have been a hoax and why I am 100% convinced that the information that came through is real, verifiable and precise! You will see why it would be more incredible that they were somehow faked than actually be real souls speaking through in the candid, honest, from-the-heart, natural and casual manner that they had spoken in.

After very carefully listening to over 200 recordings (out of a collection of one thousand old tape recordings most of which are not yet available on the internet and taped by the sitters George Woods, Betty Greene and others from the late 1950's to early 1990's) and many more recently released, I can with 100% certainty guarantee that all of the recordings are of absolutely genuine people claiming to be dead! The whole effect is simply impossible to reproduce fraudulently. One would need numerous impossibly talented child and adult actors and actresses just to recreate these tapes without copying them! Quite ordinary and natural sounding disembodied personalities have been caught on tape! Regardless of the fact they were spirits or not, they were definitely real, sincere, honest-to-goodness sounding people claiming to be spirits from another existence, and definitely NOT actors and definitely NOT those attempting to contrive or fraudulently represent spirits.

You must listen to all recordings carefully yourself to fully understand exactly what I mean and why I know they are genuine; by how the personalities presented themselves, how they sounded, the descriptions they conveyed, how they conversed very intelligently with the sitters, how they answered questions only the person would know, how some seemed to be able to read the sitter's mind(s), how some were able to see things going in a completely darkened room and recount the events of the day only the sitter had known about, the 100% meaningful and inspiring spiritual subject matter and wisdom they eloquently expressed, their unique mannerisms, the heartfelt reunions of old friendships and loved ones, their genuine sense of humor and funny, eccentric quirks, the difficulties some had communicating, the limitations they faced, the odd and unusual effects caused by the ectoplasm they were using, the different accents, foreign and/or long forgotten dead languages and songs, and how they concluded their talks, etc.

Even if somehow the voices were faked, how on this Earth would Leslie Flint get hundreds of 100% honest sounding actors and actresses to spontaneously come through out of thin air and correctly answer all questions from sitters and from audiences as large as two thousand people in lecture halls and theatres (such as Kingsway Hall) throughout the UK? Countless correct names and addresses of dead relatives were given, including countless details only the living individual(s) addressed to would know about. If they were faked, where would all the "psychically gifted" (they would have to be!) actors and actresses needed to answer all the sitters' questions come from? Then who paid all these actors and actresses to create these highly relevant and intelligent conversations with complete strangers for over a period of sixty years, even answering questions sometimes just before they were asked as if they were reading one's mind and then often speaking at length about the importance of unconditional love, forgiveness, honesty, humanity, service to others, and unbiased Christianity?

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