There is nothing the psychic soul enjoys more than broadcasting messages from its subconscious mind and Universal Consciousness. We think about a long lost relative or friend and minutes later, that person telephones or knocks at the door. Or we contact someone we haven’t spoken with in a while, and the person exclaims: “I was just thinking about you!”

The soul receives and transmits information like a radio, said Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), the best known psychic and father of holistic healing in America. Brainwave biofeedback agrees with Cayce on this, as does the latest scientific research on intuition: The clearer and wider our bandwidth, the better we send and receive psychic information and the more attuned we are to the subtle energies in nature and the cosmos.

Perhaps you have had experiences like these: You walked into a bookstore and a book flew off a shelf and landed at your feet, opening to exactly what you wanted to know. Or perhaps, while you were driving, a loud voice commanded “Change lanes!” and you instinctively swerved and missed a deadly traffic accident.

My chiropractor, Terry Hafer, was practicing stop-and-go landings in her airplane when a strangely metallic male voice coming through her headphones spoke her call numbers and announced that she had a visitor waiting for her in the tower. While she was landing, the plane’s engine catastrophically (meaning irreversibly) failed. Shaken but safe, she climbed the steps of the tower to greet her visitor. The two air traffic controllers on duty, both women, knew nothing of a visitor and had not contacted her in the air.

Soul communication is life-changing for most people. For me, it came in a radiant healing that I could neither doubt nor deny, and it set me on a quest to understand and write about the science of spirituality.

The Nature of the Soul

Psychic stories abound, and no doubt you have wonderful and amazing tales of your own to tell. Soul messages excite and uplift us, as they are meant to do! They tell us that we are souls with a sixth sense that connects us to spirit guides, angels, and our higher self: an energetic blueprint residing in a light-filled ocean of spirit that we call God, Universal Mind, Source, the Quantum Field, or Superconscious.

Most people find it hard to believe that they are souls with an angelic, god-like nature. And yet, the resonant soul unfailingly offers wisdom and knowledge in meditation, intuitive inquiry, dreams, and inspired writing that call us to the higher and more loving perspectives of our god-like higher self.

Sometimes we sense and feel its presence in and around us, and even when we turn a deaf ear and blind eye to the psychic soul, we are protected by the higher self until we can accept and rise into it.

How can we communicate with the psychic soul at will? Simply by quieting the busy conscious mind and resting in the calm, still waters of the subconscious, where the intuitive soul and its sixth sense reside.

Deepening into the Soul

Silent meditation opens the mind to the soul and increases our psychic attunement and powers faster than anything else. The following (simple and easy) meditation practice comes out of nearly forty years of brainwave biofeedback research with the Mind Mirror, a unique EEG that I and others use to guide clients and students into the lower frequencies and higher vibrations of the multidimensional soul.

People invariably tap into a stream of wisdom and insight that resolves everyday questions, issues, and challenges, unblocks the mind, releases suppressed creativity, and awakens and evolves awareness.

It’s no wonder the soul is always sending us messages! The best of who we are and can be is where it is: in the quiet of the subconscious mind.

It’s easy to communicate with your psychic soul. Begin by sitting in a comfortable position, preferably in an upright chair. Loosen any binding clothing, close your eyes, and set an intention to commune with your soul in one of its many languages: a voice, visions, feelings, sense of knowing, or inner certainty of higher awareness.

If you have a question or issue that you wish to resolve, crystallize it into words, then set it aside and spend a few minutes relaxing. Relax the back of your tongue to stop talking, slow your breathing, and inwardly scan your body to release any tension. Breathe light into any dark areas until there is only light.

Focusing on relaxation will gradually withdraw your awareness from the outside environment into yourself. If your thoughts (the conscious mind’s beta brainwave frequencies) stay busy, notice the location of that electrical activity and throw a rope around it. Then draw your thoughts into your head.

Enlightening Yourself

Once you are inwardly focused, draw white light from just above the crown of your head down into your thoughts and immerse them in it. Then, slowly usher your light-filled thoughts into your heart and allow them to rest there.

This sensory exercise will reduce your beta waves and increase the lower, slower alpha frequencies that serve as a bridge to your subconscious mind. Your subconscious is the repository of your long-term memories, creativity, insight, and soul. Feel yourself drifting down and in, deeper and deeper inside, to activate your subconscious theta frequencies and connect you with the wisdom of your soul, located so near the delta brainwaves of your unconscious mind, which is always connected to universal awareness.

Quieting your beta brainwaves and simultaneously activating alpha, theta, and delta creates an optimal meditation state in which your mind is flowing with creativity, insight, intuition, and spiritual awareness. When you feel peaceful and united, bring to mind your question, issue, or challenge and wait patiently for answers. Insights may bubble up immediately, or you may need to wait a little while for inner imagery to flow from your unconscious delta or subconscious theta across the alpha bridge into your conscious mind.

If your ego’s thinking mind tries to distract or discourage you, just return your awareness to your heart and your slow, quiet breathing. Trust your soul to provide what is needed. It will come now or in a sleeping dream or waking synchronicity (defined as a meaningful coincidence of inner and outer events). When you awaken from meditation, jot down notes about your experience so you can learn what works best for you.

After only a few meditations—which, in terms of brainwave patterns, are the same as dreaming, psychic inquiry, and inspired writing—you will find yourself better able to focus and sustain your awareness in everyday life. “Broken points of consciousness,” as Edgar Cayce described our diffracted thinking, will knit themselves back together again. Your coherent brain and calmer nervous system will revitalize your body-mind with electrical energy and rewire you to a new and higher consciousness.

Soon, “ah-ha” insights and peak experiences will pour into your waking life, as a pitcher pours life-giving water into an empty cup. You will fill with Light to become more as-Light, an inspired writing told me some two decades ago. Everything that is not peace, love, and happiness will simply dissipate, if that is your desire and intention.

Loving Self as Soul

Your soul is your wisest teacher, dearest friend, and most loving parent. Since you are your soul, you need only listen to your deepest self to draw boundless riches from the wellspring of wisdom flowing within you. Following soul guidance will unite the levels of your mind into a peace-giving oneness with other people, your Higher Self, and Universal Mind. We evolve in this way, and nothing is more exciting, fulfilling, and important.

My book, Your Psychic Soul: Embracing Your Sixth Sense, teaches many different ways to connect with the soul and more about how intuitive inquiry unites us with the higher self in illuminative experiences that serve one and all. The book’s companion guided meditations ensure a successful voyage through the sea of mind and spirit.

Living through the guidance of your soul will make life easier and more worthwhile. Loving yourself as the beautiful soul that you are, in your essence, will lift you into your highest and most divine self.

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Judith Pennington is a world authority on EEG and consciousness. Her book, “Your Psychic Soul: Embracing Your Sixth Sense,” and its companion meditations ("The Meditation Experience, Volumes 1-4) are available from 4th Dimension Press (at and Visit to explore her two free online newsletters and join a private or group EEG-led brainwave training.