PR success can only come from creating and cultivating healthy relationships with the media. From the very beginning you’ll need to connect with the media in such a way that proves to them you’re a unique expert who can provide their audience with a fresh perspective. When it comes to connecting with the media you need to make it clear you can offer the media something that no one else can.

Here’s a few ways to connect with the media to guarantee PR success:

Brand Your Messages
When you connect with the media you’ll need to speak about your brand succinctly. It’s imperative to talk about who you are and what you do in no more than three sentences, making sure those short sentences sum up your brand powerfully. Double-check what you say so you distinguish yourself powerfully from your competition. In your pitch start with an introduction on who you are as an expert and then follow-up with more news and story angles created specifically for their beat.

Use Online Press Kits
When you connect with the media over the phone, they will say one of two things: 1) “I pass”, or 2) “Send me more.” Just because they say “I pass” now, doesn’t mean they will pass on you forever. They’re simply saying they aren’t interested in the news hook you’re giving them today. You’ll rarely hear, “Quit contacting me.” Either way, don’t take it personally. But when the media says “Send me more,” send them your online press kit link (never send attachments unless you clear that with them first) and a personalized email, just for them.

Use Breaking and Seasonal News
When you’re researching new media connections take note of breaking and seasonal news most relevant to them and the media outlet. It’s the best way to introduce yourself. Say something like, “Celeb X is back in jail and I noticed you were covering it. I have something to say about it as I’m an expert in X. Have a second?” or “It’s July and I bet you’re already working on your December magazine. The advertising section of your website says you work six months in advance. Might you use information about X product? It would be perfect for your readers in December.” If you can provide a fresh take on a news story they’re working on, it will definitely increase your chances to build a quality relationship with the media.

Connecting with the media can be a frustrating endeavor so it’s important to never take rejection personally. Just keep doing what you’re doing, making tweaks along the way. Remember, if you’re always striving to make the media’s job easier, you’ll be sure to see results.

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L. Drew Gerber is CEO of and creator of, a free media tool that connects journalists and the highest rated experts. Gerber's business practices and staffing innovations have been revered by PR Week, Good Morning America and the Christian Science Monitor. His companies handle international PR campaigns and his staff develops online press kits for authors, speakers and companies with Online PressKit 24/7, a technology he developed ( Contact L. Drew Gerber at: or call him at 828-749-3548.