AstoCare connects all its members with these best medical experts in their cities instantly online. Want to find out how? Login now! or just click here - AstoCare is the medicinal and healthcare assistance platform that closely takes care of all your medical needs. We are among one of the most trusted doctor-patient platforms that especially concentrates on providing valuable healthcare delivery to our patients. The platform connects you with everything you need to take care of yourself and family. AstoCare – A rich doctor-patient platform primarily planned and established for medical assistance is truly aimed at strengthening the doctor-patient association. We believe to connect the power of social network on this multi-functional platform that also helps doctors to build their presence, grow their network, engage and assist patients more profoundly offline and online. We constantly focus on making AstoCare, a hassle-free and patient-friendly platform experience for our patients. Whenever you want to book an appointment with a doctor, want to get lab tests done, or need to order any sort of medicine online, we are just one click away. In a nutshell, AstoCare helps you the right way with the right guidance when you seek expert medical assistance for your health problems. We truly care to make it a seamless and smooth transition between patient, doctor, and chemist. We try going the extra mile every day to ensure your easy contact with doctors and chemists for creating a familiarity that is secured for both healthcare experts and patients.
Who we are?
Started in 2018, by Mr. Munish Arora, AstoCare is an organization which works for the upliftment of the health-care community. It works to bridge the gap between Patients and Doctors via a comprehensive portal, online. By ‘cutting the queue’ the right way, we make sure that all the agents of the health-care community get connected in a smooth manner. For this purpose, we run an online platform where Patients can not only Book Doctor Appointments but also Order Medicines and Request Lab Tests from the nearest facilities, easily.
Where are we headed?
AstoCare dreams of a better tomorrow for not just the Doctors, Chemists and Laboratories but also for all Patients worldwide. We, at AstoCare, support the notion to provide easy, quick and on-time medical attention to those who need it, via an online platform. We plan to bring Patients and Medical Professionals closer, so that, a Doctor is never too far away for you. We believe in building a world where no patient is left untreated and no disease left uncured

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