Every December and January, millions of people sit down with a pen and paper to write out their goals for the year. Many of the goals are exciting because they’re fresh out the creativity pool. Other goals are quite irritating because they’ve been on the goal list before and didn’t come to fruition. They can ignite great judgment from your inner critic.

Do yourself a favor and do something really smart this year. Connect the dots between your BIG inspiring vision, your yearly goals and your daily actions. I know you’re sitting there thinking, “Duh, Jeannaaaaa! Of course, you have to take actions to make your goals happen.”

My response, “I know you know this, but are you doing it? And are you doing it in the most intelligent way possible? And is your life in balance? Are you having fun implementing your ideas, doing your daily success habits and doing something about those brilliant action steps you came up with?”

Quite frankly, most of you aren’t doing all the above. It takes a considerable amount of focus to live like this if you’re not used to it. Several structures need to be in place to make it easy. However, the pay off is huge and there is little pain.

The pain is what happens when you don’t keep connecting the dots between your daily life and the stuff you say you want to happen.

This year one of my BIG goals is to maximize my impact with my clients, customers and followers by leveraging all the bells and whistles in my shopping cart system. I can talk about this goal with my team for hours. But until we created a system with small goals each month to achieve it, nothing would move forward. If I didn’t schedule time on my calendar to do the needed research, writing and strategizing…nothing would happen.

It’s waaayyyy too easy to get caught up in the daily fires and shiny new ideas to generate immediate income without doing the constant dance between the vision and implementation. It’s also easy to back burner some of your most important goals because they seem overwhelmingly huge or complicated.

Here’s the deal: Until you set some time aside to just dig in and start, you will be dragged down by all sorts of seemingly good reasons. My mastermind partner, Todd Tresidder, wrote a brilliant article on his blog about people who refuse to do the smartest thing in their wealth planning…being accountable. He’s right, it’s not sexy. It seems too simple and a bit boring.

Yet, it’s not boring when you can do the happy dance because you increased your revenue in one year by 40% or cut your stress level by 50% or hired your ideal assistant is it? What’s more important, the distraction in front of you or taking consistent steps toward the things you desire most?

I’m really preaching about basics here. I wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t needed. I remind myself daily to focus on what’s most important to increase my peace quotient, increase my profits and build a business that makes a positive difference.

Do whatever it takes to continue connecting the dots between your vision, goals and daily actions. Get in a mastermind, enroll in a teleclass, work with a coach, get an accountability partner (or two or three) or whatever structure works best for you.

It’ll be worth the initial effort when you look back on your year with joy because you made tremendous progress and had a good time doing it.

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