Definitions from the Merriam Webster dictionary:

Congruence – being in agreement with (AKA does this “ring true”?);

Resonance – a. the quality or state of being resonant; b. richness or significance, especially in evoking an association or strong emotion.

How do these terms apply to your Life?

Simple. What you Resonate with or the quality of something invoking response in you, creates or magnifies Congruence, that which you agree with.

In other words: that is why your New Year’s resolutions don’t work for the most part. Why? Because you are not Congruent with them, you do not Resonate with them. They are outside of your realm of experience, and more deeply, they are outside of your realm of belief. Sure, it would be great to be 20 lbs lighter, healthy and fit, debt free with a fat checking account, following your life’s passion for your work, and to be sharing your life with a wonderful partner. What stops you cold in your tracks are the limiting beliefs you have regarding your ability to accomplish your dreams or goals.

If you are reading this, you have most likely heard that everything in the Universe is energy. My goal is to show you ways to make all this energy work for you, specifically in the Health area, since this is my training. And also because without your health, you have nothing.

Body Language

Strangely enough we don’t know much about our bodies, (I included myself in this group for over 2 decades), even though we live in them 24/7 for our whole lives. Strangely, we are not taught the fundamentals of bodies.

The basics of how important a deep breath is (we are all shallow breathers) along with enough daily water intake and exercise, how food is transformed into energy, how to combine foods for optimal digestive performance, the importance of proper secretion of excess substances (sweat, urine, feces), how our hormones affect our reproductive systems, and how our lymphatic and immune systems are closely tied together... While this was covered in school, the emphasis was not on HEALTH. It was just an explanation of how the body systems worked without any appreciation of how AWESOMELY designed our bodies are, or how our actions deplete our quality of life. Wouldn’t it make sense to know everything you can about the body you live in? To me it does. Yet, we are so alienated from our bodies that whenever they speak to us in their very unique body language, we either discard their message or sedate them with pain killers, food, junk food, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, sex and excess work. We shut down the very vehicles that allow us to experience life, thus trapping ourselves on a cycle of living death.

Yet, there is hope! In order to learn your own body language, you need to understand its basic operating principles. Our bodies are condensed energy. When the energy is flowing optimally, you have optimal health. When the energy is trapped somewhere, you have dis-ease. The energy entrapment has 2 sources: 1. too much, and 2. not enough. Too much toxicity, food, work, stress. Not enough sleep, water, nutrition, exercise, fun. Balance these 2 opposites and you’ll have optimal health. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Yet most people fail at it consistently, and myself too, at times.

So the next logical question is: why do we consistently fail at keeping our bodies healthy and in good shape? Resonance and Congruence. You will not do anything that is not Congruent with you: that which you perceive as too hard, too time consuming, or that you don’t know where to start. The main reason behind your resistance (and mind you, this resistance has a purpose, which is to keep you safe from further disappointment) is: “I tried so many things before and nothing worked. Why would it be different now? And what if I fail again?”

Let me introduce to you the concept that all this disempowering self talk is based on an energy interruption along your meridians. Meridians were discovered and mapped out about 5,000 years ago by the Chinese, though there are some recent discoveries that our ancestors, the cave men, already had knowledge about them. They are the basis of Acupuncture, and are defined as energy lines that run over our bodies and distribute the energy along their pathways. A disruption along any point on these lines is the beginning of all dis-eases. Left unresolved they create havoc in our bodies, since our bodies are sustained by energy and energy alone. It is not the food that you eat, the air you breathe and the water you drink that feed you. It is the energetic information they contain that is transferred to this amazingly intelligent, self-healing machine called your body.

By addressing the energy disruptions along the meridians, you are restoring balance to your body, so that it can function as the marvelous entity it is. And this is what Meridian Tapping addresses, as you tap on the meridian points on your face and torso.

Yet, I take it one step further. I use Meridian Tapping to restore proper Resonance and Congruence with a healthy body. From my experience, without this step, no matter how much you know and do to keep yourself healthy and fit, you will always find ways to sabotage your efforts.

Mens Sana in Corporis Sano (Latin for Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body)

How are the Body and Mind connected? Your brain chemistry regulates your moods and interactions with the world. With proper brain chemistry the hormones that control your moods are stable. Thus, you are slow to let anger take over. The foods you eat and the nourishment they provide are directly related to your brain chemistry. Thus, the energy carried in the nutrients from the food will feed your brain (along with all the other organs in your body). And the brain functions on sugars (the right kind), so it is vital to have good sugars in your diet.

Assuming that you have proper brain nutrition, the physical component of your nervous system will be in good working condition, just like a well oiled machine. Now it is time to address the calibration of this machine, so that it Resonates with Higher Frequencies, the ones that bring you Joy, Peace, Harmony, Fulfillment. These Higher Frequencies will infallibly stir you in the direction of the fulfillment of your dreams. And this is where Meridian Tapping for Congruence with a Healthy body comes in. My definition of a healthy body encompasses the body weight, how all the systems are working harmoniously together, as well as the Conductor of this symphony, the Brain, along with the Conscious and Subconscious Mind.

Feelings or emotions are a huge part of a healthy body. They control the biochemistry in our bodies, so it is important to have healthy, productive feelings at all times. Recent research shows that not only do they enhance our immune system, they actually control how our genes react to the environment at each moment. Which means, your thoughts control your emotions, and your emotions control how your body reacts to stressors. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

Bitchin’ Your Way to Excellence

Sometimes the intensity of our feelings is so high, it is impossible or nearly impossible to find our centeredness again. When the unproductive energy of complaining or griping is this intense, the best way I found to neutralize it is to “bitch” about it until you reach neutrality, and eventually excellence (the other meaning of the word “bitchin’,” if you didn’t know it yet).

I use this method for myself, with friends and patients who are completely engulfed in this intense griping energy, with fabulous results. I just tap on the points on the head and torso while venting my frustration without restraints.

If the charge doesn’t decrease readily, I add visualization to the griping rounds. I visualize the person who triggered this turbulent energy in front of me and tell him/her, while tapping on each point, all my judgments about him/her, venting all my frustration, anger, disappointment. I allow all the poisonous ideas and judgments to surface as I tap again and again, while visualizing the person in front of me. After a few rounds of tapping, the unproductive energy is totally neutralized, and I am now ready to switch to more positive statements as I continue tapping. And this is what you want to achieve, this neutralization of unproductive emotions, so that you Resonate and are Congruent with, the productive feelings of Peace, Joy, Love.

As you integrate tapping in your daily life, things that used to bother you seem to miraculously vanish, and you move along life with more ease.

Dr. Chrys Ghiraldini hosts “Bitchin’ NY” shows on on Fridays, at 12:30 pm EST, with different topics each week. Transform the unproductive emotion of complaint into excellence with us!

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Chrys Ghiraldini, D.C., has been in practice for over 10 years, and has used Nutrition and Energy Medicine in her wholistic approach to Health. She currently uses EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Matrix ReImprinting for her patients. She lives and practices in NYC.