The question is, what has awakened in you because of this crisis? Does hope beat in your chest when you think of your future? Do you feel the sweet promise of tomorrow pulsing in you? Does everything you've taken for granted come sharply to clarity? Do you see your value? Do you feel the relevancy of your life? You now have the opportunity to become reacquainted with what makes you feel, as the numb shroud of your harried life falls away. Can you feel your passion? Can you begin to trace its origin?

You want to go back to feeling deeply, feeling good, and feeling better. It helps to quickly go to the root of your life challenges. It is better to treat yourself first as a whole person: the cause before the symptoms.

Instead of asking "Why me?" Why now? Why this?

Place that powerful Why behind what drives you to thrive.

Why do I want to live?
Why do I want to be happy?
Why do I matter?

Begin working with this powerful why and let it back you in living your best life now.

You will resemble, tomorrow the dominating thoughts of your mind today. Plant a seed for tomorrow wisely. Frame life in your mind nicely, seek and speak of the good. You have constructed your reality through the story you tell yourself.

Your mind has infinite capacity, you are responsible for taking control of the programming. Take the helm and also be compassionate with yourself this taking back of focus is a process that must be mastered.

Subconscious wants to feel safe and generally stirs clear of the unknown.It would rather replay a negative habit even though is it painful rather than experience something new.

Start filtering out negative scripts that no longer serve your highest good.

When it comes to manifesting your thoughts should be condemned or praised for there work.

Focus on your emotions and feel your way to your future reality. Choice by choice, reach for relief and let go of resistance. You want to change how you view and respond to life. Have your own back, deliberately look at the positive and you will become a master framer of life.

Your personal preferences are what make you an unique individual, being dissatisfied is a great opportunity to get clear on exactly what you do want. Take note.

In life you will continually refine you preferences.

Author's Bio: 

Michele Howe Clarke, Certified QSCA Coach, MBA and bestselling author of Face Forward: Meeting Challenges Head on in Times of Trouble. Michele is a thriver who shares how she emerged alive, vibrant and victorious from disfiguring Head and Neck cancer. She is also an experienced speaker, real estate investor, entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience in investment banking. She has walked her talk and she truly knows what it takes to make the difference that really matters in life. She is a powerful Change Agent who empowers you to make change easy so you can claim your value and enjoy your success now!