So what’s the problem with Christian marriage today? The problem is men and women have not been taught in their church to partake in their God-given roles and duties in the ways of the Lord and consequently complete chaos and confusion has ensued. Society has turned marriage and love upside down!

Christian roles for marriage have become perverted. True or false?
Immoral Christian culture has taken hold of Christian society. True or false?
Feminism has turned a wife’s responsibility in marriage upside down. True or false?

True, True, and True!

God’s Word has not changed just because it is the twenty first century! Husbands still have the God-given responsibility to protect and provide for their wives in the ways of the Lord. Unfortunately most Christian married couples do not understand the Godly principles that are attached to the husband being the spiritual head and confusion has ensued.

What Are The Responsibilities of the Christian Husband?

* To seek God’s will for his life and marriage
* To provide for his wife financially
* To love and care for his wife the way Christ does His people—The Church
* To protect his wife from outside influences and abuses
* To put his marriage first, above everything else including his work and children
* To discipline and love his children in the ways of the Lord

Do you think that if a husband were living out his purpose for marriage his wife would have a problem submitting to that purpose? I think not. But what is happening now in Christian marriage is the wife works all day, and she is tired too, and the result, both husband and wife begrudgingly do merely what is needed to sustain some sort of balance in the home. But they are both emotionally drained.

In some instances, because of needs not getting met, husband and wife become disrespectful with each other. This unappreciative attitude keeps the household system in an unorganized and chaotic uproar. Pretty soon they begin to blame each other for the disarray of the marriage. The wife starts getting bossy with her husband and the husband gets bossy back and they both seek solace from outside influences.

Where is walking with the Lord, as the Christian is instructed to do?

What Are The Responsibilities of the Christian Wife?

* To seek God’s will for her life and marriage
* To submit to her husbands spiritual management
* To respect and honor her husbands position
* To be a help-meet to her husband by helping to make their marriage and family life productive in and for the Lord
* To put her marriage first, above everything else including work, and even children

What can married Christian couples do today to save their marriage from becoming just another worldly marriage? They can bring God into the marriage and follow the God-given responsibilities that Christ has taught for couples to follow in marriage.

Do you see how when couples unknowingly keep God out of their marriage they begin walking as individuals instead of one flesh? The wife does her thing and the husband does his thing. But when you care for your marriage in the ways of the Lord, God’s influence encourages you to be givers for each other—its part of the blessings of marriage.

On the flip side of the coin, when God is far from our own hearts, we become self-seeking, self-centered, and unappreciative and behave in ways that go against the will of God in marriage. Is it any wonder most marriages end in divorce or are unhappy?

Ask yourself, “Am I doing the will of God when I do this?” If the answer is no then pray about it. Ask Christ to guide you in the proper ways and lead you to being the man or woman that He would like for you to be for your marriage.

Are you seeking God’s will for yourself and marriage? True or false?

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