You’re sitting in your bed and contemplating about your life, about the ups and about the downs. You say it’s time for a change, you say it’s time for you to make something of yourself and you really believe it’s possible. In fact you will start changing your life starting tomorrow. Tomorrow comes and your mind is bombarded with all kind of thoughts about what you can and what you can’t do. You believed in yourself last night but today… Well, today is a different story. You no longer think you can, and you have all these past experiences to prove you just that. If you look back you will only see the times you failed, not knowing that this is a very unhealthy way of thinking and living your life. If you want to make a change you have to let go of your past, you have to let go of who you were, you have to let go of what you did or you what you didn’t. I said it before and I’m going to say it again. If you really want to be happy, if you really want to live the life you always dreamed of, you have to be 100% present in the now because this is the only thing you wil ever experience. There is no past and there is no future, there is only the present moment. Have you ever experienced something that wasn’t in the now? I really want to meet that person who thinks it did. Nothing ever happened in the past, it happened in the present moment and the same rule applies with your future. The future as you see it is in fact the present. You have a thought of doing something something in the so called future and when you do that which you have thought about you will do it in the present and not in the future. You call it future but in fact is the present. Does that make sense?

I am not saying I am a teacher, I am not saying I am perfect and that I am following these rules all the times. I fail, I am human and I make mistakes too but because I have chosen to change my attitude toward life, because I have chosen to change my thinking, my limiting beliefs, I am happier now and I know this is only the beginning. I know that whatever will come my way will come only because I have attracted in my life and only because my thoughts created them. I expect only great things from life and that is exactly what I’m going to receive. It might not happen all at once and I might still encounter some hard times but I will allow them to come and go and I will look for the lesson in them. It’s that simple. It’s amazing how much easier your life gets once you have mastered yourself. It’s incredible. “By letting it go it all gets done. The world is won by those who let it go. But when you try and try. The world is beyond the winning.” Lao Tzu

So what is it that you want to change in your life? What is it that you want to manifest in your life? You want to be happier, you want prosperity and abundance, you want more love, peace of mind? What do you want and how are you going to achieve them? If you are living a life that does not make you happy, a life that is not satisfying to you anymore and you decide it’s time to make the shift, you have to know that it’s not going to be easy. You have behind you all this baggage and because of that you might have a hard time but it’s not impossible. All things are possible to those who believe and if you really want it you will eventually get it.

Don’t believe all that you think along the way. Your mind will try to get you back to your old habits, your old behaviors, trying to sabotage you but you have to be strong, you have to see the end result in your mind and you have to have that image with you all the time.

Keep in your mind the image with the end result and that image will give you strength, will give you power when you will need it the most. When you have doubts, when you have all kind of thoughts about how you are not good enough, that it will take a really long time for you to change, for you to get where you want to get, that it’s not worth the effort, that you can’t really afford it and so on, ask yourself these questions: “Is it true? Is it really impossible for me to change? Am I 100% sure that what I’m thinking is real?” You will be amazed of the answers you will get. I don’t know why we do the things we do sometimes and why we think what we think but a lot of times all of those things, all of those thoughts are only doing us harm and are only bringing pain and sorrow into our lives. Just keep in mind that true wisdom consists in avoiding all thoughts that weaken you.

And if you manage your thinking problems, you might encounter other obstacles, like the people around. Your family, your friends, your relatives etc., will also try to make you quit, not understanding what is it that you are trying to do and not wanting you to leave them behind. Don’t pay them any attention. You know who you are, you know what you are after and nothing and no one can stop you. Not even you. You are in total control. You no longer want to live the life you’ve lived so far because you already know where that road is going. There will be nothing new and nothing good for you out there. “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls” Joseph Campbell

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I am currently working toward my Business and Psychology Bachelor Degree and on writing my first book.

I have also started working on my blog where I write about ways to help people discover their purpose in life, about ways to live a happier and more meaningful life, how to boost their self esteem and self confidence and other ways to help them grow and improve their lives.

I am a writer, blogger, people builder, soul sculptor and a lover of life.