Intuition is used to describe our thoughts, feelings and preferences that come to our mind, heart and even our gut quickly without much reflection or contemplation. It is inside and internal. Intuition is simply a “knowing” of something to be true or false without any factual evidence, and it has been referred to as our “6th sense” or internal guidance system. Sometimes, it creates a flutter, wave, warmth or vibration inside when ignited. Intuition is an unjustified belief system and it is unique to each of us. We all feel it differently, some more so than others.

When we immerse ourselves in a feeling or emotion using our five senses, often times our intuition appears as a confirmation to continue, move forward, pause or stop. Do you listen?

Introspection is a conscious mental process that we use to reason and examine our own personal thoughts or actions. Introspection uses self-observation of our inner thoughts, sensations, desires, and hopes. In a spiritual sense, it touches our soul. Introspection contemplates our inner being, examines our own reflection and connects us to our conscious inner thought process and beliefs.

When you tap into and combining intuition (unconscious) with introspection (conscious), and then look from the inside “in” even further, it creates a synergistic and compound effect on how we perceive simply just being, knowing and trusting. This effect can help you tune-into what to do next, or what to avoid because it just doesn't feel right. This is about trusting yourself by tapping into your intuition with introspection. The unconscious feelings with conscious beliefs or values. How many times in your life have you said, "I should have trusted my gut?"

When you take a few moments to pause with introspection you may naturally tap into your intuition to feel or listen to its signals - the wave, flutter or "stop" - that appear. Allow yourself to be fully present in knowing, trusting and being in ALL that is fabulously YOU!

Author's Bio: 

Jodi Nicholson is a seasoned entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, success coach and business consultant who inspires her clients to create their ideal life or company with clarity and prosperity to achieve excellence. She has worked with top leaders in the peak performance and leadership industry and shares her propriety strategies globally in her coaching practice, books, and seminars.