As an entrepreneur, you are meeting with the public, and always making an impression upon others. The most immediate way, and the strongest impact is through the way you communicate. For entrepreneurs, it is important to give an impression of intelligence, competence, warmth and self-confidence. That combination makes you the kind of person potential clients will want to know, like and trust!

When you communicate, are you using your words in a way that create a good impression? It’s important to realize that all communication is always about values and beliefs; no matter what is on the surface, be it frivolous, texting or emailing!

Expressions such as “keep your word” are not just phrases, but meaningful and literal statements about how we view the importance of words. Even more than the power of your word, is the effect of the “delivery” of that message upon how people judge whether you are sincere. When your words and your body language are not in alignment, others get a feeling that there is a “double message”.

If there’s a conflict between words and the way that words are expressed, research shows that people rely on body language (the emphasis, tone of your voice, your body posture, facial expression, and amount of eye contact) for the true meaning. It's been estimated 93% of your message is conveyed by those non-verbal cues. Your words account for only 7%! Is your body saying the same thing that your words are trying to express? That would be a good reason to pay attention to how people are reacting to your words?

• Don’t Try…
When you are confident, your words don’t include “try”, “maybe” and other uncertain expressions. If you use the word “try”, you are already giving yourself an “out”, or a backdoor reason why you won’t succeed. It is helpful to listen to what you say, as if you were another person. It can give you insight into your what you are truly feeling!

• Keep Your Word…
“Standing behind your word” and other similar expressions really exemplify how you create your reputation. When you keep your commitments and promises, people know that you are “walking your talk”, and that they can trust you! Being impeccable with your word: being honest and following through will help you to feel more self-esteem and confidence. Therefore it is important to say what you mean, and mean what you say.
• Just Say NO….

Being assertive, and saying “NO” is one of the most important communication and personal skills you can learn in life. You may not feel confident when refusing requests in the beginning, but by doing so, you will feel less resentment, less like a victim, and more like YOU are the boss of your own life. That feels great! Of course, the way you say “no” is always important. Don’t blame anyone or anything for saying no; you are ALLOWED to decide what is best for yourself!

Words have tremendous power in your life. Use them wisely, because once you make a statement, you can never take it back. You can apologize, but the message will never be “un-heard”. Think twice before your speak, and realize the power of your words.

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