The following are some trust boosters that have helped me in terms of my own life, work, and business. They have also helped my clients and can be helpful in overcoming their own trust limitations:

Good experiences journal
Recording what I did and said worked for me and why it helps increase my confidence and forms a valuable behavioral record for similar situations in the future. At the end of the day, just think about your day, focus, and select those aspects of your day that were positive and the strategies you used that worked well for you. Write them down in your journal.

On those days when you need a boost, you can simply flip through the newspaper safe knowing that every page will have something positive. If you are not a writer, you can draw, paint pictures, or even use symbols that mean something to you.

Solid preparation
Good preparation for any event gives me a solid foundation and assures me that I have done my best to prepare for what is to come. Prepare well by making sure you know what you want your outcome to be, know your stuff, and have a structure within which to work. Also, try to anticipate what will be said and done and how you will handle it. Preparation also includes getting ahead of what could go wrong and devising a strategy in advance to fix it.

Achievement achievement
Over the years I have kept a record of all my accomplishments to date, whether they are from life, work or business. This is useful if I need to go to an interview of any kind because it reminds me of everything I've done in my life and the things I've accomplished. This has often been a great confidence booster as it has kept me from overlooking many of the smallest achievements in my life.

Format your achievement record in a style that feels comfortable and makes sense to you. Add it daily, weekly or monthly so that it becomes a constantly updated working document. If you wish, you can add a section to your good experiences journal (see above) tagged achievements and add them to your record of positive aspects of your day.

Consolidation through repetition.
Another technique that I have found increases my confidence is to consolidate the knowledge that I accumulate daily by going over it again. This is particularly powerful if it is written information that I can re-read. By nature I am a reflector, which means that I like to digest information at my own pace.

We often learn best by repeating actions and new information over and over again over a period of time until they become embedded in our psyches and become an integral part of us.

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