HI Sister or Brother Control Addict - yes, it's okay, you can admit that like most of us human beings you love to control. Well, maybe not love, but you can't seem to help yourself. Control is what your mind believes gives you power. Power to keep yourself safe, secure and successful. Which of course is SO not true. What control really does is give you migraines, stress, swinging emotions and a heck of alot more work!

Not to fret. There is another way to live. One that offers way more happiness, love, peace... one that allows miracles to show up in your life... one that gives you the feeling of safety and security you need to take the risks in life that bring your heart and soul what they truly desire.

And that way is the way of the Feminine Super Power of Surrender. Surrender is the choice to let go of control and struggle, letting yourself step into, fall into, move into the unknown, led by the light of the divine (even when you can't see it!)

Check out the video on my blog and I'll share with you why we try to control, why surrender is a much better choice, and two easy ways you can move into surrender vs. control in any moment of your day!

And then, in honor of us recovering controllers I invite you to post on this blog one thing you are trying to control using this statement of surrender

"I SURRENDER (insert the thing you are trying to control)
to the DIVINE (or whatever you call this higher power."

And then put yourself in the Surrender Position (as illustrated in the video) and release control by doing the "I SURRENDER" mantra 3x!

The release feels divine!!


Sometimes we don't like to admit we are trying to control, and sometimes we are just totally blind to it. To help you amp up your awareness when you are in Control mode, here are four ways you know when you are NOT surrendering:

ONE: Your Body tells you -

* Tighten jaw
* Shoulder blades, neck get tense, control the universe spot
* Head spins
* Anxiety in your chest
* Fatigue

TWO: Your Emotions tell you

* Crabby
* Lash Out
* Get bossy
* Angst

THREE: Your Mind tells you

* Won't shut down or off - insomnia, busy busy, monkey mind, can't meditate
* Obsessive - going over and over in head, dog on bone, can't let go
* In the future or the past - wishing for it to be different than it is.

FOUR: Your Habits tell you

* Work harder - overwork (work-aholic)
* Life falls out of balance and harmony - becomes lopsided - all about work, all about the kids, all about helping someone
* Reaching out in an obsessive kind of way to get feedback and answers from others - collude, gossip, seek too much feedback
* Fall into the computer, searching for answers
* Addictive behaviors tell you

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Popular author of Choosing ME before WE, Every Woman's Guide to Life and Love www.mebeforewe.com Christine has been called the Queen of Self Love. Her insights, fresh perspectives and daring take on love, in all its forms, have been featured on TV and radio stations across the country, in the top spas and retreat centers in the world, and in colleges and corporations throughout America. She is the founder of Madly in Love with ME, an international movement of self-love, which includes a FREE self-love kit downloadable at www.ChooseSelfLove.com. She is also the co-founder of Inner Mean Girl Reform School, a virtual school where women go to transform their self-sabotaging voices into self-empowering ones.