Globalization of internet services has mended the way for a number of new businesses while easing growth for the existing ones. Currently, almost every business, irrespective of its size or the industry vertical it belongs to is trying to make its mark using web based services. Be it online survey, mass mailing, customer management, advertising and marketing, or any other function of a company; every company is generating large volume of data in one way or another, extremely critical for its future.

Data centers were introduced during the dotcom boom to cater to the rising demand of data storage. These facilities we designed to offer continual power and cooling to a number of storage systems dedicated to different clients. These facilities were built to offer three levels of data encryption, L1, L2 and L3, with L3 being the most secure data storage used to manage and store critical data.
Data centers have been around for over a decade now and have changed in a number of ways over the last few years. The have been several reasons for modifying the structure of these data housing facilities such as rise in storage demand, power consumption, carbon footprints, and many more. Today, data centers are built considering a number of ecological factors to minimize the issues cause by facilities offering data center service.

Green data center as we call them are built using low carbon building material to reduce carbon footprints of the facility. Lead free paint is used to paint the walls while catalytic converters are fitted on all backup generators. The cooling system of these facilities is also designed to use renewable sources of energy to cool down the systems. High power consumption of these facilities is controlled by using solar panels and wind power generators.

As per a recent study, the rate at which the demand of data storage is rising has raised a number of threats for the future of these facilities. Experts of the field believe that unless new data centers are built as per the ecological demands, the future of such facilities is in danger. Therefore, always ensure that the data center you are choosing is built as per the ecological norms and is not located in an area prone to natural calamities. You must also check the record uptime of the facility before closing any deal for your company’s data storage need.

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