The world of man is made up of two types – the “do-ers” and the “don’t-ers”.

I know that it is bad grammar and that there is no such word as “don’t-ers’. But “doer” is a word, so please allow a little artistic license as we explore the thoughts contained in each.

Some people would use the words “winners” and “losers”, but they are really words that are more appropriately expressed on the competitive plane. It is not the competitive plane, but the creative plane, that I want to focus upon -- so indulge me as we explore.

Creative people create something new, or a new variation on what may already exist – be it a new piece of art, a book or article, an invention, or even a new business idea.

Some people say that “you can’t reinvent the wheel”. But if you think about it, the wheel has been reinvented many times; the wheel is always being improved upon, so whoever came up with that saying was -- you guessed it -- a “don’t-er” (or, to be exact, a “can’t er”. (Okay, I’m starting to break more of the rules of proper grammar, so I better stop here, or you may not read the rest of this …)

Creativity comes from within -- it is inspired. The inspiration to create something new happens suddenly. The seed of it could be an idea, a feeling, or a random thought that an unseen light is illuminating in the heart or mind of the one inspired to create. The spiritually-minded would call it ‘faith’, and faith comes from hearing or receiving the inspired idea -- the word of faith -- allowing it to be as a seed that falls into a prepared (or “fertile”) heart or mind.

It is interesting to note that seeds of new ideas often come in groups, as if the unseen one sowing the seeds is sowing identical seeds from one bag. We find that certain inventions are pursued by different inventors at exactly the same time; the radio and the telephone are good examples.

When the seed of an idea is sown into a person, this can be called the ‘conception stage’, or the moment when we conceived the idea and believe in the idea. If we continue to meditate upon it, we find that it begins to grow, and it grows in many ways. It grows in us and it grows on us, and the more we see it, or visualize it, the greater the growth.

Like any seedling, we should allow it to lay in the soil of our mind, for it will grow if we keep it alive. To keep a seedling of an idea alive, we should nourish it, or fertilize it, as well as water it. This means we must keep it in our mind, revisit the idea with the ‘fertilizer’ of mental energy, and allow our minds to become saturated with the life-giving liquid of positive thoughts.

This liquid can be called the ‘water of wonder’. Let your mind wonder about the idea and how it would be more effective if you were to apply it in a new way. Look at it from many perspectives in the imagination of your mind’s eye. Enjoy the beauty and wonder of it. This will also increase your inspiration to do. Never let the negative thoughts of “it’s impossible” or “it’s too hard” pollute that water of wonder, and speak negatively to you the defeating word “don’t”.

Be a doer of the seed-word of inspiration and watch that seed grow!

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Harry Connor Jr has had over 30 years experience in the study of the esoteric, ancient manuscripts, and the scriptures. Always seeking the 'truth' by peeling back the onion skins of delusion, his writings are often controversial, yet uplifting, for he is forever the optimist. For more information on what Harry is up to go here and