Like any other piece of equipment computers requires constant maintenance, timely clean-ups and house-keeping, emptying unwanted stuff and protection against malicious attacks.

The computer also has a life-span of its own. Keeping it well-maintained and healthy can give you years of good service. With advances in technology, the booming computer industry and constant arrival of new and improved systems and peripherals in the market, most owners change their hardware as soon as they encounter minor problems without considering whether a repair-and- maintenance contract could save time and money in the long run.

Issues commonly faced by users are:

Slowdown is a commonly experienced problem. If your technician is not honest or experienced enough to identify the real cause, you may end up dumping a perfectly good system. Slow booting, too much time taken to bring up programs, can be due to over-populated cache. Resolve this by doing regular clean-ups and getting rid of unnecessary/unusable programs.

Spyware/Malware related issues result in your system freezing up, locking down, displaying the infamous Blue Screen of Death or causing your user settings to be changed. Constantly updating your anti-spyware can resolve this issue. You can also update the drivers in your hardware to help your systems to function better. Upgrading memory, RAM etc can be useful.

Maintenance-related problems include dust in the works, inadequate cooling, defective fan, overheated peripherals due to faulty cabling or switches, shorting etc. Constant vigilance can take care of these issues.

Connecting to the Internet is another major issue. The connection between your PC and the server may not be functioning, your IP configuration has been re-set, your browser protocols are not correctly configured etc. A step-by-step analysis can diagnose this issue.

Spontaneous shut-down/reboot is a common issue caused due to overheating or improperly attached cables.

Weird noises, whining, whirring or squealing sounds from the computer can be a scary problem faced by many users. This could either be because of loose cables/wires, non-functioning fan or it could be a more complex hardware problem.

Problems with or damage to peripherals like mouse, keyboard, speakers, printers or scanners, webcams etc can also be misdiagnosed as a problem with the computer itself. It is good to do independent checks of all these peripherals before undertaking major repairs.

You could also face problems with interference from other equipment like microwaves, radios, TVs or other electronic devices if you're using an older system. The monitor display may be fuzzy or less bright.

Depending on the nature of your problem, if you are able to identify it correctly, you can either get remote desk support or ask for a technician to visit you and repair your computer.

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