When faced with computer problems, it is important to know where to get the right help. In fact, today, getting the proper advice for such issues is like knowing the right doctor to go to when you face a health problem.

Computers are expensive pieces of equipment and they could be shared by more than one person, increasing the chances of damage. Most people, especially children and seniors, learn to use the computer by trial-and-error. People may also install or download different types of software or applications which can cause problems. You may be the victim of malicious spy-ware or virus attacks. Hence it is advisable to have a reliable technical expert on call whenever you face any such issues.

Choosing the correct repair service is crucial. There are many inexperienced people in the repair business who may actually harm your system. Others may be out to make a fast buck or take advantage of your ignorance and helplessness. Be careful while choosing a repair service.

Qualifications: Don't be shy of asking for the technical qualifications and work-experience of your repair personnel.

On-site or Remote: Both options are good and depend largely on the nature of the problem and your own comfort level. If it's not very complicated, many repair services ship parts out to the customer and work remotely by phone to instruct you how to fix things. However, in more complex cases, a technician will make a site-visit. If you're uncomfortable with DIY, it's better to have on-site help.

Response Time: The service must provide you with immediate response. If you are dependent on your computer for personal or business needs, this is an important factor.

Service Quality: Your repair service should be technically sound, be able to source parts quickly and also be easy to contact with good help-desk and follow-up features.

References/Recommendations: It's always better to go with a service that a trusted friend, family member or co-worker has used and been satisfied with. Honesty and expertise can be an issue with many fly-by-night operators in this business.

Payment terms: Cash payments are dicey and if your repair service does not accept check payments, give proper receipts for any parts they may transport to their worksites and provide guarantees, then it's not the right one for you.

Data Protection: You need to be assured that your personal data is protected and kept confidential. Back-ups should be done before repairs are undertaken. This is something that a good repair service will guarantee.

Keep these factors in mind while choosing the right computer repair service.

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