If you think you’re ready enough to be called a qualified computer repair technician, and you have the dream about owning a professional repair shop or business, one of the primary considerations that you must make includes the budget. It means you need to have a solid idea about how much a computer repair business startup cost. That’s a mountain of tasks but not essentially something you cannot make. So, here’s a precise discussion on the startup costs so that you get a very close idea of the amount of money you need to have ready for the expense.

A Breakdown of Computer Repair Business Startup Costs
Now that you’re going to start something officially, you’ve to do it maintaining the standard procedures that involve giving your business a legal face, managing rent and other utilities, having the required collection of stock and tools, gathering office items, making your very basic marketing arrangements, and of course some rainy-day funds. All these are discussed below.

Cost of Legal Procedures
Contact a certified accountant who knows what it takes to set a business up locally. Discuss with the professional frankly, especially when it comes to your overall budget and expected expenditure. Although the cost of hiring an accountant would be anywhere between $100 and $300, you should be willing to spend a little more, should you want someone with experience and an impressive portfolio.

Rental Expenses and Utilities
Most people admit that it’s always a challenging thing to get everything ready that meets your preference while letting you stay within a budget. So, it’s always a good thing if you’ve acquaintances or friends who would allow an affordable rental and referral for utilities at reasonable prices.
Don’t forget to ask your accountant about taxation and other factors because you don’t want to spend money and shoulder any financial troubles at the same time. Considering the variability in the expenses based on locations, you should have $1,500-2,000 in hand for these matters.

Office Supplies, Stock, and Tools
Some people would say that these items may take most of your budget, and they’re not wrong. But you can always use some tricks to keep up with the expense. For example,
Items like cables, cases, DVD-Burners, RAM, Power Supplies, Mice, Wireless Routers and USB Dongles, copies of operating systems, Keyboards, etc. can be bought on the basis of anticipated needs because prices of these items don’t usually fall or rise too quickly.
But, hardware components like hard drives, CPUs, video cards, etc. can be purchased as you need them because prices of these items don’t stay fixed for a very long time. So, you’re going to have to spend around $1,500-$2,000 for these items.

Business Cards, Forms, and Website
These days, you can’t do much business if people have no idea about what you’re doing, no matter even if you’re better than most. So, get yourself a professionally designed business card which should cost you around $200.
The next thing you need is a business form because it’s something that stands as the proof of your contract with a customer regarding the service you’re offering and the money involved in the service. It may cost you around $100.
Now that you’re going to need customers who will keep your business alive, you need to reach the right audience and convince them that you’re serious about delivering the service the right way.
Having a website and getting it enlisted in the local business directory (for Los Angeles especially) could be tricky but you can easily do it after some hours of research. Make sure your website is properly built and launched with local optimization. The whole thing is going to cost at least $200.

Reserve Money
Admit it or not, you need it because you don’t know how much you can make during the first few months. A few months of backup (at least 6 months) would be helpful enough to keep you calm while struggling as a startup. As the amount of reserve depends on the rent and utility costs, you should have at least $6,000-$8000 in hand.

Ultimately, your computer repair business startup costs may be up to $12,000 or higher whereas you can also start with around 10k considering that you can get the most essential things at special prices. So, if you’re about to start your own venture to offer professional computer service Los Angeles , you need to keep the above expenses in mind.

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