The field of computer repair is now a few decades old and the industry has matured enough to have proper licensing norms and laws in place. People choose this career for different reasons. It could be an already established family-owned business, the person may be passionate about the field, he/she may be a self-taught geek who enjoys repairing computers in their spare time, or it could be a part-time job undertaken to finance further education goals.

Whatever the reason for choosing this career, there are some fundamental requirements that need to be fulfilled for becoming a computer repair personnel.

Basic high-school diploma is a must, since all further certifications depend on your having completed the school-leaving courses in math and science. This could also mean the difference in pay, promotions and furthering your career. However, there are any number of geeks who are completely self-taught and do not have such certifications. It is up to the customer to take the risk of availing the services of such technicians.

Certain personality traits are important to become a good technician. A patient and persevering nature is a good trait to have, since diagnosis can be a long and tedious process.

Good logical/critical thinking and mathematical skills are important since the computer is based on logical systems. Creative and/or verbal skills may not be very useful in this field.

Out-of-the-box thinking is an essential quality for providing solutions and this usually combines with curiosity about new developments, enjoying taking things apart and seeing how things work.

As in all service-related fields, it's important to be a good communicator. A friendly, positive attitude while dealing with customers, explaining your terms and conditions of working, etc is important without confusing them with geeky terms.

Adequate work-experience after your diploma or degree are the most important things in this field since it is a hands-on area of work and no amount of book-learning can take the place of real grueling hours spent in actual repair and trouble-shooting. Many reputed experts are willing to offer apprenticeships to deserving beginners and this experience is invaluable as you get the benefit of having a tried and tested mentor in the field who can share knowledge and lessons learnt the hard way with you.

Updating your knowledge, going for refresher courses and keeping yourself on the cutting edge of development in the field are very important for an expert. Learning about the latest multi-media and video systems, advanced operating systems, networking systems, open source software and peripherals is the way to keep your knowledge updated.

Based on this information, you may choose the field of computer repair as your career.

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