While the experts anticipated that compared to other fields the growth in job prospects for computer programmers would be growing at a slower pace from 2002 onwards, it did not happen. Instead there was a big growth for a few years followed by a sudden recession, and a revival phase that followed.

Change of Scenario

Unlike the period till 2002 when a graduate or bachelor’s degree sufficed for jumpstarting a computer programmer carrier, at the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century the requirements have been resettled at Masters or doctoral degrees for best prospects.

Job Requirements

Like most other fields the arena of computer programmers is also fiercely competitive. Some of the job requirements are –
Candidates should have necessary as well as related programming skills like Java; web designing; ASP; JSP; Visual Basic etc.
They should have basic skills of developing programming languages. For instance; a person proficient in C++ programming would be preferred to one without the knowledge of computer programming languages.
Programmers should have the capabilities of resolving problems and also conducting logical tests within the system.
Responsibilities of these background engineers will vary according to the nature and type of the company engaging them.

Specific Tasks

Specific tasks of the programmers could be one or all of the followings.
They instruct the computers on how they should function.
Functions will vary according to information required.
Simple programs can take a few hours to compose while complex programs may take years to make.
Programmers use the designs made by software engineers and convert them into functional instructions for the computers using technical language codes.
They also change the existing codes and programs. Customization is often made to programs for making the codes more productive.

Training and Academic Qualifications

Minimum qualification for the programmers is a two years certification though three years bachelor or five years masters programs are usually preferable. However doctoral degree holders will always be preferred in compared to others. Candidates who have practical working experience have better prospects than those without it.

Employment Opportunities and Salaries

Substantial employment opportunities are there in public as well as private sectors for computer programmers. Most institutions including governments, banks, commercial organizations, and industrial houses use the services of programmers. However, their growth rate may not match the growth rates of specialists in information technology over the years.

Earning ranges of computer programmers have hovered around $35,000 to $100,000 in the recent years.

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